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Membership contract for private persons

Before we proceed with DXN membership, I have 3 good news:

1.: For products users there is no registration fee. You are still entitled to purchase DXN products at distributor price. If you decide later that you want to earn money as well, the membership fee can also be paid and you will be entitled for more discounts and bonuses based on your and your group's product turnover.

2.: If you are interested in business as well, you do not have to pay registration fee now. It will be added to your first products order.

3.: DXN membership is without any obligation. There is no necessary monthly order or minimal order, and definitely no auto-ship. You can order products whenever you want to and as much as you want to. If you want to order just a box of Ganoderma coffee, that is fine too.

Now that everything is clear, let's fill in the DXN membership contract now.

Please click: DXN membership registration here:

Herby i declare that i haven't registered to DXN before. If yes i understand that my first registration will be considered as valid registration.
If this is your first registration your sponsor details will be:

Name: Takács Gergely
DXN Code: 310017874

I understand that in the future the sponsor can not be changed

The membership registration fee is 19.2 euros ,which contains a presentation folder. The membership registration fee does not contain delivery fee(you can choose the way of delivery and the price on the bottom of the page).

Data of the applicant

Last name: *

First name: *

Country: *

County: *

City: *

Address: *

Gender: *

Date of birth: *

Telephone number: *

Email adress: *

If you live in Turkey, please enter your ID number as well:

ID number: *

I agree the following: *

I declare, that the above given data is true. I acknowledge If any false data is recorded into the system, DXN reserves the right to delete my registration without any previous notification.

I declare that i and my spouse have not been active in DXN in the past 12 month and that non of us has joined DXN before.

I accept that i become a member after confirming this membership application form.

I have read and agreed with DXN Rules.