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DXN Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom tablet: stress relief for the nervous system

I present you DXN Lions’s Mane medicinal mushroom tablets in my home product experience video:


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Available packaging size: 300mg x 120 tablets

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Product Description

DXN Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom tablet: Friend of our Nervous System

DXN Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom tablet is made from Yamabushitake mushroom, which is also known as “hedgehog mushroom”, ’’pom pom mushroom” , ’’bearded tooth” and “monkey’s head” mushroom. It is effectively used in bowel disorder treatment, dementia prevention and it has anti- tumor and anti-cancer effect. It also reduces blood sugar and blood-lipid level.

DXN company produces DXN Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom tablet also under strict quality control and testing at the DXN Farm and Factory in Alor Setar, Malaysia, which controls production from cultivation to finished goods in spirit of ’One Dragon’.

Does DXN Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom tablet taste good?

It used to, but now it does not. Let me explain:

In its previous version it used to have sweet taste. There was some lactose added to it, so I liked to chew it, just like DXN Spirulina.

Now this medicinal mushroom product is produced without lactose, so, in my opinion in its recent version it does not taste good. I do not chew it anymore. The good thing is that now DXN Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom tablet is lactose free, so it is also suitable for people who have intolerance for lactose.

How should DXN Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom tablet be consumed then?

I recommend taking it with one or two glasses of water, depending on how much it is comfortable for one to drink at once. If you have a small belly, take it with little water, and then, after some minutes drink more water to the tablets. It is suitable for all ages as it is easy to consume due to small tablet size. I have no problem with swallowing it.

What is the recommended dosage for DXN Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom tablet?

I take 6 tablets a day from this DXN product. It is a normal dosage, but in case of a serious health condition a bigger dosage is advised. In this case I can ask professional advice from our Ganotherapist, who is my upline sponsor.

My favourite Ayurveda professor from India talks about the benefits and characteristics of DXN Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom tablet in this video. (It is in English, with Slovakian narration. Even though I don’t speak Slovakian, I find this useful. because while the translator talks, I have more time to digest the information.)


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Hericium erinaceus (Lion's Mane medicinal mushroom), lactose recommended daily consumption: 6 tablets / day NIFNS: 6880/2010

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