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DXN Spirulina tablet 500

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Available packaging size: 500 tablets x 250mg

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Product Description

Spirulina platensis is the best Alkaline Superfood from Mother Earth

It is a type of blue-green algae or cyanobacteria produced by DXN in Malaysia from the cultivation process to finished goods this way offering the best price and quality ont he market.
Only the selected best species are cultivated naturally a clean pond applying no pesticides or herbicides.

DXN Spirulina alga is suitable for children , adults and senior citizens. It contains all essential amino acids and helps to cease the symptoms of malnutrition. It protects the „Golden Triangle”: the lungs, the kidney and the heart. Spirulina helps to treat high blood lipids and blood sugar and it is effective in tumor therapy.

Daily consumption of Spirulina Platensis help to balance the acid-base equilibrium in the body.

Consumption: 6 tablets a day


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100% organic Spirulina platensis, Excipients.