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Sugarfree Ganoderma mint candy for oral health & good breath with balanced PH value of the mouth.


  • Sugarfree Ganoderma mint candy for oral health & good breath with balanced PH value of the mouth.

Sugarfree Ganoderma mint candy: DXN Zhi Mint Plus

Sugarfree Ganoderma mint candy has benefits of oral health and good breath. Reishi medicinal mushroom alkalizes and rebalances the body, including our mouth and dental hygiene.


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Packaging size: 12 sachets x 25g

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Sugarfree Ganoderma mint candy for oral health and good breath

Sugarfree Ganoderma mint candy goes by the name of Zhi Mint Plus from DXN companyIt is the perfect natural, tasty treatment for throat irritation and bad breath. When I put it in my mouth, I feel icy cool, soothing relief at once. It gives me cool and fresh breath that accompanies my whole beautiful day.

Health in form of Ganoderma candy: easy to take with you everywhere

We all live busy lives and often eat on our way to work.  The easy-to-carry handy pack of Sugarfree Ganoderma mint candy freshens my breath anytime anywhere and it gives me greater confidence during communication. I always have one pack of DXN Zhi Mint Plus in my car, at work and at home in the drawer right next to the door. It is like Ganoderma coffee to me: I take some with me wherever I go.

Is Sugarfree Ganoderma mint candy really sugarfree?

Yes, it sure is. Do not worry about the name ‘candy’. Its ingredients are Maltitol, Reishi extract, mint oil and magnesium stearate (authorised consistency repair). I love the strong, fresh taste of DXN’s Sugarfree Ganoderma mint candy. Its menthol-effect is about the same as that of DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste, which I also love very much and use on a daily basis. I also brush my dog’s teeth with it!


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Ingredients: Maltitol, Reishi extract, mint oil and includes authorised consistency repair: magnesium stearate.
Nutrient content in 100 g product  in 1 g product
Energy 398 kcal 4 kcal
Carbohydrate 97,8 g 1,0 g
Protein 0,2 g 0 g
Fat 0,7 g 0 g