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Achieving a happy, balanced life by being grateful for all I have

How does gratitude effect happiness?

Being grateful for what I have: my latest discovery: 

Maybe I should write discovery in quotation marks. It might not be new to most of you, but it is a very important thing to be grateful. I simply feel better if I see the good in everything. If I can hardly find any good, I am happy that stuff isn’t worse.

That is it. No need to read on, LOL! 🙂

If you have a few minutes, though, just scan through my blog. If you find even one small helpful thing, it was worth for me to write it as well.


Be optimistic and see the good in everything

I do not speak in religious sense, but it might have something to do with ”The One Above”. I can connnect being and feeling grateful with being an optimistic person. I can not stand if someone is pessimistic, but the mirror told me – it always tells the truth – that I was on the path of becoming one with my constant complaining about my life (the treadmill of my daily life I gotta do with my dogs and commuting to work). There are great sayings to quote here too. I am training myself to see the good in everything, even if something sucks. The least I can do is ask myself: ”What can I learn from this?” We all know sh*t happens. But it even worse could have happened.

I am grateful for the life I have with my loving balanced dogs.

Every season and every day has its ups and downs in my life with my 3 apartment dogs. Sometimes its cold, sometimes its hot, sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows, but it could always be worse!


Developing the consciousness of gratitude

It makes sense to write a full list, but I think the most important is that I realized that I needed to consciously feel thankful for every little good thing in my life. I needed to develop the consciousness of gratitude.

Writing about them enhances my consciousness of gratitude. It might sound crazy, but I also thank every bad thing that happened to me that they did not happen worse, they did not break me entirely and in the end they made me a stronger and better person, or at least they gave me life experience and mistakes to learn from.

I will list a few things I feel gratitude for. The order of them is not the order of importance, and there are so many things I did not write about.


List of some of the people and things I am thankful for:

I grateful to my parents and grandparents for their love, support and good piece of advice, even when I did not deserve it.

I am grateful for the food my mom puts in front of me and sends me.

I am grateful for my 3 dogs, Beki, Bubu and Mézi. They are my greatest teachers. I am thankful for their never ending patience, their unconditional love, their calmness, peacefulness and living in the moment happily. There were many times I would have deserved to get bitten. It did not even cross their mind to ever do me harm. They are the cutest and cleverest beings on Earth.

I am grateful for having a car to drive to work. If I did not have one, I would not be able to work at the school I work at because of my dogs – I have to get home in time to walk them. I even have a new car (it is 2 years old now). I am not that rich and neither it is from my bonus and DXN Car Incentive Program. No. It is from my share of the inheritance after two of my grandfathers passed away.

I am grateful for the blanket I have to put on my body to keep me warm when I go to sleep. I am grateful for having a bed to sleep in and that I have that bed in an apartment. I am grateful that my apartment and my whole country is safe from earthquakes. What if I lived in Nepal? Hope my Nepalese brothers and sisters will be safe from natural disasters!

I am grateful for being able to work online with hyperfast internet connection comfortably from my room. I know that many DXN distributors walk miles on foot even in the jungle to talk to people about DXN business opportunity and drink a cup of coffee with them for which they boiled the water on a fire they made in front of their shack.

I am grateful for having a fridge full of food and that I have enough to eat. I put on about 15 kilos of excess weight (working on losing it), so really, do I have anything to complain about? If I have enough money to buy that much food to get fat, I should (and I do) shut the f*** up and smile!

I am grateful for being able to buy myself DXN products every month. I can buy the 300 PVs that is necessary to receive bonus without having to work in a second job – I heard some people had to do this.

I am grateful for my sponsor who introduced me Ganoderma coffee and the DXN Multi-level Marketing business in a very quiet, modest way. Fate led me to the school I work at, we became colleagues and I registered as a DXN member. It was one of the best decisions of my life!

My 3 clever cute dogs sleeping on the couch and on the floor in an apartment.

I am grateful for my dogs that they sleep quietly all day between the daily 3 walks. If they weren’t so well-behaved and balanced, how would I be able to go to work?


What happens if someone is not grateful and has a pessimistic worldview?

Constantly complaining, being ungrateful for the good someone has, yearning for more while living a pessimisitic life and only recognizing how bad things are is not only not going to make someone well-balanced and happy, but can very likely cause problems in physical health.

A Hungarian pioneer endocrynologist János (Hans) Selye has an interesting theory. His ”theory of stress” says, that those impacts that have a negative effect either on the mind or body cause stress.

Stress can lead to developing sickesses, both mental and physical ones. Stress makes aging faster and stimulates aggression, and vice versa.

Another reason not to worry and focus on the positive.

As I strive for the better, I always keep in mind that it could always be worse.

Hey, you noticed that there is no text here saying: “this blog is the reedited version of my …”? 🙂 Yes, this is because this is a brand new blog entry of mine. For some more reading, click: my older blogs.