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Coffee with cold water: making DXN Ganoderma mushroom coffee for the summer

Does Ganoderma coffee dissolve well in cold water?


The easiest way to get the answer to the question is when you try it. I did this too, as shown in my YouTube video below. I usually have cold drinks in summer, so why not do this with one of my favorite DXN drinks, the “three-in-one” Ganoderma coffee? Yes, I know. Coffee with cold water sounds strange, but you will see that it’s a great idea!


What is needed to make DXN coffee with cold water?

You do not have to think of very complicated things. DXN business is also very easy. The products always work, no matter how silly videos I make, hehe.


What you need to prepare cold DXN coffee:


  • A bottle, preferably with a bigger mouth,
  • One or even more doses (satchets) of your favorite DXN alkaline coffee,
  • Cold water


Some small life hacks for mixing DXN coffee with water

My experience is, that it is better to pour water in the bottle and then add the mushroom coffee. If I our the coffee first and then add the water, the instant coffee might ’dust’ a bit. It is not that serious at all, but I don’t want any of the good stuff to fly in the air.

If you still decide to pour the content of the satchet in the bottle first, make sure you hold the bottel a bit sideways, so the instant coffee mixture will not ’fall’ a long way down to the bottom of the bottle, and stir ’dust’.


How to prepare cold Ganoderma coffee

After adding both the water and the mushroom coffee in the bottle, just shake it well, that’s all. Experience how much you have to shake it. For me it is about 10 seconds. Quick, isn’t it? J

You do not have to take half the kitchen, a kettle, a thermos, a microwave oven with you, but we do not even have to go where these can be found. If the above 3 things are given, the coffee lover will not be left thirsty, that is for sure! 🙂


Tiny life hack, great joy

I have my healthy coffee where and when I like it, for me it is a great joy! True, in winter or in colder weather a hot cup of mushroom coffee is wonderful, but I’m very happy with this small, but for me such a joyful discovery that I can make my favorite DXN Reishi extract alkaline coffee any time with cold water.

I can imagine myself in anyone’s place, be it a taxi driver, bus driver, truck driver, security guard, cashier or teacher. People can watch a basketball or football match in the stadium, travel on a bus or on a train and can enjoy the energizing effect of DXN coffee from a bottle, that can be closed completely. An athlete who wants a refreshment during or after a workout and does not fancy today’s trendy energy drinks can also have some Ganoderma coffee from a bottle  I could go on with the list of such situations indefinitely. Bottles are better than tumblers. Bottles can be literally thrown around, but, according to my experience, tumblers can not be moved upside down at all without having the delicous coffee spilling all over me.


The feeling of safety for a healthy coffee-lover

Of course thermos or the lockable tumblers have been invented as well, so whoever feels like a hot or warm-for-a-long-time coffee can solve the situation. But in addition to these how well they can feel in case of emergency” and it is almost reassuring to know that I can always get a satchet of DXN coffee, shake it with water and I’m saved, good mood, well-being given and enhanced!


The 8 steps of making cold DXN coffee:

Steps 1-4: Add coffee, pour water, fasten lid, shake it (till you make it) 🙂
Making DXN coffee with cold water, the first 4 steps

One, two, three, four, make DXN coffee in a bottle 🙂


Steps 5-8: Pour coffee, taste coffee, drink up coffee, smile! 🙂
How to prepare Gano coffee with cold water, steps 5 to 8

Five, six, seven, eight, Lingzhi coffee just tastes great! 🙂


Does cold DXN medicinal mushroom coffee taste fine?

You bet! The look on my face tells you everything, just rewind that video! 😉

Same story, this is an older, reedited and hopefully better version of my post from my previous site from 2017-06-19 titled ”Making DXN Ganoderma coffee with cold water”.