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Disease prevention with change of lifestyle and DXN products

Why is prevention important?

Everything you want to know about DXN products for a healthier lifestyle


(Presentation of DXN Ganotherapy expert)


Preventing premature departure

A lot of us have might have heard about young people dying during playing football and other sports, all of a sudden, without any formal signs of being sick. If such people who take care of themselves and do exercise regularly can pass away, it is very easy to imagine what can happen to all the others who do not pay attention to what they eat and lack daily exercise.

This blog entry of mine is basically the transcription of the video bellow, in which DXN Ganotherapy experts shares her 18-year-long experience with us. She is my upline sponsor in DXN business as well. Listen and watch with love:

A lot of premature deaths can be prevented. Diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. The speed is rising so fast. It is a global concern.


High-tech hospitals

All governments are doing something to promote prevention. You are given the best service and we have good hospitals, which have high-tech machines for diagnosis.

They employ well trained personnel, nurses and doctors, but patients just keep coming in. We don’t have enough doctors and nurses for them. So the government spends a lot of money to help people but the problem cannot be solved.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Health equals wealth

Prevention is not costly and easy

Treatment is expensive

Treatment may not help you regain your health


A healthy family is a wealthy family

Wealth doesn’t just mean money, it also means family. If the husband in the family has cancer, the saddest person is his wife and his children. So health equals wealth, and wealth equals the health of our family members.


Our body is like a machine

The best we can do is to make sure our heart, liver, lungs and kidneys work properly. Everyone is too busy to take the time and take care of their bodies. No wonder if your organs break down.

For example your heart breaks down. Can you change your spare parts and your heart? No, you can’t. But if your car breaks down, you go to the mechanic and you change your spare parts. So I would like to emphasize that our health needs to be maintained.


Health span equals lifespan

Human lifespan is 120 years. Why are we unable to reach this age? We get to hospital, children suffer from tumours, diseases and many of us die from stroke. Before people reach the age of 60,  their health is very bad.


So how are we going to achieve a longer lifespan?

Developing a serious disease is not easy. It takes a long time, about 10 to 15 years before symptoms can be seen. One thing is for sure: when the doctor says we have a problem, we have high blood pressure, we don’t believe them. We say:

“I’m healthy, I eat well. I can not be sick.”

So we tell the doctor:

“Please give me medicine. I want to be well immediately.”

Developing a disease takes many years. Getting well is also a journey. The major causes of death today are either cardiovascular disease or cancer.


Know the root of the sickness

Most health problems can be prevented, but we have to know the root cause of why we get sick.


Why do more and more people get sick?


Poor eating habits

Lack of exercise


Lack of sleep

Lack of water


Let’s examine each of these points in details.


Most health problems come from food:

Acidic food

Lack of enzymes

Lack of nutrition


Artificial preservatives

Processed food


What is acidic food?

Meat, sugar, white flour, white bread and other processed foods.


The problem of mothers and housewives

Many ladies, both older and younger, are very good at the kitchen The problem of mothers and housewives is that they want to cook the best food for their loved ones. They cook the food that their husband and children like to eat.


Cooking destroys enzymes

The problem with cooking is that we destroy the enzymes in the food. Our ancestors didn’t eat lot of cooked food. They  ate raw meat, raw fruit and vegetables that contained a lot of enzymes.

Enzymes are cell foods and builders in our body. They repair cells tissues, organs and systemic functions. The cell function will not rejuvenate properly without enzymes. Cells have the ability to repair themselves. If we eat right we are healthy all the time.

One can be pretty and fit at the age of 80 too with the help of enzymes.


Lack of micronutrients

We are selective

Crops today are filled with commercialized fertilizers and pesticides. This leads to nutrient depletion in the crops. More people eat refined food today. These contain empty calories. Our diet has become imbalanced. Instead of trying to eat more variety of green food, people only eat the food they like. Many of us are also very choosy when it comes to what we eat. Our children do not really prefer green vegetables and fresh fruits. They only eat one or two spoons of such foods.


Hidden toxins

Most of us are health conscious. Whatever we buy, we properly read the label of the food. However we cannot avoid the hidden toxins. For example chickens are filled with antibiotics and hormones, and this is also true to cow and beef. We are told to eat more vegetables and fruits, but they are also full of pesticides. Fruits and vegetables are sprayed with these chemicals by people who wear masks.

Just think: if it’s not safe to breathe is it safe to eat?


We have unhealthy eating habits:

We have irregular eating habits

We eat too much

We eat too fast

We eat too little green food

We are always in a hurry

We don’t chew food properly

At work we have about as short time to have our lunches in the breaks. This is why we do not chew our food properly. We are too busy to get back to work.

When you don’t chew your food the undigested food will go to your bowels and intestines and starts to ferment. This produces a lot of gas in the stomach. The fermented gas will push your stomach acid to your throat.


Lack of exercise

The lack of doing sports is also a big problem. It causes:


Poor blood circulation

Poor lymphatic system

Poor lung expansion and poor oxygenation


The first thing in the morning should be doing some exercise but it can be done in different times of the day as well. Exercising regularly is more important than the amount of exercise. There are many articles and videos about the benefits of shorter workouts with higher intensity. We should also keep in mind that our bodies are made in the kitchen. About 70% is food and only the rest is exercise. I also have to keep this in mind constantly if I want to lose weight, get fitter and also keep that shape.

Too much toxins get into our body and if I have poor blood circulation how will I get rid of these toxins?


Drink DXN Ganoderma coffee, sleep, repeat

Drink mushroom coffee, sleep, repeat


Lack of sleep and sleeping at the wrong time

Most young people go to bed very late. Some even stay up until  2 in the morning. The best time to go to bed is about 10:30. We should be sound asleep from 11 to 2 o’ clock.  This is because our liver and gallbladder needs sleep to repair.

If you cannot sleep properly you should get up early and this will make you get tired a bit, so you can go to bed earlier.


Lack of drinking water

How much water do you need?

The optimum amount of water is 2 liters, about 8 to 10 glasses daily. It is very important that water cannot be replaced with carbonated drinks. If someone drinks one glass of carbonated beverage, it takes about 32 glasses of water to remove the acids caused by this drink. These refreshments also contain a lot of white sugar, preservatives and coloring. Please don’t torture your your body.


Stress is a silent killer

Stress rapidly robs off a nutrients, especially B-group vitamins from the body. They are important for the nervous system, cardiovascular and hormonal  health. Deficiency in B-group vitamins can lead to anxiety, irritability, restlessness and fatigue. In the long term these people are at risk of having depression.


Stress affects the whole body:

Lack of concentration and energy







Brain and cardiovascular system:

The increased heart rate and blood pressure leads to increased risk of high cholesterol and heart attack.


Stomach and the digestive system:

Upset stomach, acid reflux and change in appetite all lead to weight gain.


Immune system:

Suppressed immune system leads to illness and high levels of inflammation.



Joint pain, lowering of bone density, muscle tension, tightness and protein breakdown


Genitals and hormonal system:

Decreased hormone production leads to reduced fertility and sex drive. Many young couples who got married today cannot conceive. So stress can cause infertility as well.


The harmful effect of long term acidic body

Nature has given us the normal body pH of 7.35 to 7.45. When our lifestyles force the body to be in the acidic environment in the long run, it will work very hard to reach (and maintain) the normal pH level again.


When the body pH is healthy

Normal red blood cells

Healthy red blood cells are round and separated. They move through the capillaries very easily. This means good circulatory health.


When the body pH is acidic

Erythrocyte aggregation

This condition may be seen in people with degenerative diseases. Erythrocyte aggregation may be caused by undigested fat, oxidized LDLs and proteins and deficiency of digestive enzymes. This leads to chronic low-grade inflammation of  the blood vessels that causes arteriosclerosis. blood vessels are narrowed due to chronic inflammation.

When our blood circulation is good our system is like a clean aquarium, where fish can swim freely in the water. Our cells are like fish. We have a good  blood flow that transports optimal oxygen and nutrients. This way the cells are healthy, so toxins can be eliminated.


What happens when your body is acidic

The circulation is blocked and deprived of oxygen, so toxins cannot be eliminated. They accumulate and our body cells die.


The cells are degenerating slowly

When the tissue of the organ is being cut off from blood supply due to blockage of microcirculation, in the long run the cells and tissues will die. The organs become malfunctioned, hence degeneration of tissues accelerates and leads to premature death.

Degeneration of organs and the systems may take years to develop. For example, years ago,  hypertension, diabetes and cancer usually took 10 to 15 years to develop, but today these diseases can take as fast as 3 to 5 years to develop due to unhealthy lifestyles.


Toxins can accumulate from 3 to 5 years

High blood pressure is not a disease, it is because our blood environment is chalky. When our blood is chalky, body cells are deprived of oxygen.

Our body is very clever. When there is not sufficient oxygen in different parts of the body, the body sends signals to the heart. Thus our hearts need to pump harder to transport oxygen to our dying cells. If the patient has poor kidney functions, it is going to make the high blood pressure worse.

When the doctor says you have high blood pressure, everyone panics. He gives you medication to bring down the blood pressure to reduce the symptom. If you want to get rid of high blood pressure this can also be a prevention. It prevents you from getting a stroke. It prevents developing heart disease, but the question is:

Is it the solution for the long run?


Recovering from stroke

A 64-year-old friend of mine had high blood pressure and took medication for it. He told me that he checked his blood pressure every day and everything was okay. Then suddenly, one day he had a stroke. It was a massive bleeding. All the small blood vessels in the brain exploded. Therefore the doctor had to do emergency surgery to remove the blood clots.

He took the medication for his high blood pressure, but he was a very busy man. He did not take care of his body. He ate all the unhealthy food he loved and he didn’t have time to exercise.

9 months passed and his recovery is very slow. Stroke prevention is very simple. When you have a stroke, we are not sure you will have a complete recovery, so accumulation of toxins in the body leads to a lot of problems.


Symptomatic control is not the solution. The long-term solution is going to the root of the problem.


We have to check the underlying causes for the diseases

Diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, obesity, fibromyalgia are caused by:


Inflammatory imbalances

Hormonal imbalances

Detoxification imbalances

Structural imbalances

Immune imbalances

Mitochondrial dysfunction

Digestive imbalance

Observative imbalance

Microbiological imbalances

Toxic emotions (anger, resentment)

Toxic chemical exposure


When you remove the root cause, you can remove the symptoms.


What is cancer?

Is cancer a disease? No. It is too much toxins and the systemic failure of the body: poor circulation, weak immune system, inflammations, emotional stress and so much more.

Then we go to the doctor because we want to get well immediately. I have to emphasize: it takes 15 to 20 years to develop the cancer. With prevention healing can take place every day and the disease can be reversed.

For cancer patients the healing is a journey. It takes 20 years to develop cancer. It takes 5 years to reverse the cancer if you take care of your diet, workout and eliminate stress factors.

All of us have to take care of ourselves and change our lifestyles: We should eat less acidic food, exercise and our emotions should be more balanced. Drinking of water and sleep at the right time is also of key importance.


What is the solution?

The pillars of health are:


Balanced body pH

Improved the blood circulation

Enhanced and modulated immune system

Increased body oxygen level

Increased stress resistance

Decreased food doses.


Let’s have a look at these pillars one by one.


DXN products make give us a more quality life

dr Lim developed DXN product range during 25 years to make our lives easier.


Balanced body pH

Let’s suppose you eat a big pizza. Your wife will surely be so kind to prepare you a healthy drink from Cordypine, Vinaigrette and Morinzhi.

Children who go to school with a sandwich in their bags might start feeling dizzy and sleepy. The teacher might ask them when they went to bed. Kids say at 8 PM, in the right time. So they are sleepy because their bodies are acidic.

As parents it is our duty that our family has DXN product on the breakfast table. When children go to school they can have 10 tablets of Spirulina. Your child will be more alert. His brain will function better. He will have the energy to play football, basketball, catch or badminton. These are functional foods for our families.


Improved blood circulation

Why do we get scared when our system is acidic? Because when our blood is acidic, oor arteries will get plaques. DXN RG remove these plaques. It is the most important function of Reishi Gano.

Cordyceps is a heart tonic. It improves blood circulation and focuses on your heart. It is also true to Lion’s Mane. It improves function of small blood vessels. The body will be enhanced from head to toe So the heart will have enough oxygen. Young people will perform better at school and that work. Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom makes the brain of elderly people more alert. In Malaysia the prime minister is 94 years old.


Enhanced and modulated immune system

The immune system is very important because we are exposed to so many bacteria and viruses. These can be dangerous to our children. With a weak immune system we are exposed to so many problems like cancer.

DXN GL, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and Spirulina will help  the proper functioning of the immune system in a  wide spectrum. The immune system cannot defend itself and you have asthma and allergies These range of products can balance the functioning of the immune system.


Increased body oxygen level

DXN GL, Cordyceps,  and Spirulina give you good oxygen level. These products contain a lot of  phytochemicals that will boost your oxygen level.


Increased stress resistance

Most of us cannot control our stress. RG is very good for emotional stress. Morinzhi is a physical and emotional nutrient. If your husbands and wives are under stress, they are yelling and grumpy, the solution is to drink a bottle of Morinzhi.

If our children are complaining that they cannot concentrate at school and they are nervous, give them 10 or 20 tablets of Spirulina. It is even better if they also drink some Morinzhi.


With the main 5 health pillars we are able to restore our natural healing abilities.

Prevention doesn’t start with the government and hospitals. Prevention starts with you.

Prevention is better than cure.

We all love our families but we also have to love ourselves: if something bad happens to you the saddest people will be your loved ones.


The mission of DXN is to spread health and wealth to all families all over the world so there can only be happy faces without years in their eyes.