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Dogs withhout ticks, fleas and parasites in a natural way with Ganoderma and Spirulina

How do I live with 3 healthy dogs in an apartment without ticks and parasites?

”Three dogs in an apartment? Say what?” Yes, this is a typical reaction to my situation and I fully understand people’s suprise. It is not an everyday thing, I know. Luckily the dogs I live with are three healthy, happy dogs.

My 3 lovely dogs resting outside with my mountain bike propped against a tree. (I walk my dogs with a bike)

My dogs enjoy life without parasites, and this is a joy for me too.

The most common solution against parasites

Pet lovers, especially those of you, who have your little (or bigger) favourites in a flat living with you are very cautious to treat your animals against ticks, fleas and other unwanted creatures like flea eggs, larvae and chewing lice. Many of us use Frontline Plus flea and tick preventive vacciantion against parasite. Others buy special collars like Scalibor Protector Band or Kiltix. I also used these products and they were okay. Then I started experimenting with something new…

No tick-collar, just DXN Ganoderma and Spirulina

One day, after visiting my local vet who gave my dogs their regular vaccinations, I listened to my intuition and did not buy the Scalibor collars, which worked very well by the way. I wanted to find out if DXN products work instead of collars.

I give my dogs 3 pieces of DXN Spirulina tablets and a coffee spoon of DXN Reishi Mushroom Powder when I feed them. They have been consuming DXN products for about a year, and I did not find any parasites in them even without wearing their tick and flea collars. They are not cheap, and sometimes I had problem with almost losing them during the walks.

DXN products also cost a lot of money, why do I give them to my canines?

My main goal was not to spare money, but to provide my dogs with something more natural and see if we needed tick- and flea collars or not. (The money saved can be spent on more DXN products, right? 🙂 )

DXN Ganoderma and Spirulina are all natural. One is called the ”King of Herbs”, the other is the ”Essence of Mother Nature.” I experienced their effect and did my research on the internet on the topic. I can not think of better supplements, and as my 3 dogs are my children, I want the best for them. Dog-people know this. 

How can it be that ticks do not ’like’ my dogs?

It is only my experience, and I am not a Ganotherapeut or vet, but the alkaline superfoods must have fortified and alkalized my pets’ immune system to an extent that there are no unwanted visitors in their fur.

Their blood must be so alkaline that ticks do not find pleaseure in drinking it, LOL! 🙂 Hope ticks are not going to recognize that they can get a sample of DXN Ganoderma and Spirulina from the blood of my dogs, ha-ha! 🙂

For the full picture and honesty, I pick out a tick or two from my dogs every now and then, but it was the same when they wore tick collars. This is normal I think, because the area where we walk many times has grass and weed higher than the belly of my dogs, in worse cases as high as my waist.

DXN Spirulina and Ganoderma enhance digestion and detoxify:

give them to your dogs gradually to prevent diarrhoea

When feeding Spirulina to dogs, be careful with dosage. Go gradually. This is not because this green alga has any side effects. It does not, no worries. On the other hand it enhances the functions of the body. This can also mean better digestion.

Make sure you arrive home to a clean apartment

Now, if you live in an apartment with one or more dogs, and have to leave home for about 8 hours every day, it is a must that your little pets can hold their piss and poop without any strain or discomfort. When your dog has diarrhoea, it is hell, believe me, been there, done that!

It is not just about having a clean apartment. I do not want them to suffer from being almost on the edge of relieveing themselves. I would surely go crazy if I could not go to the bathroom for about 2 hours, not to speak of 8 or 9!

So it is better to experiment with feeding DXN Spirulina and Ganoderma as well (it detoxes too) with small dosage first and at a time when you are at home the following day, to be able to go out with them quickly in case they give you a signal.

Remember: start with a small dosage first when you can supervise your dogs!

Natural way is always the best

I am happy to be able to write this: my dogs are healthy, fit, happy and full of love. They are calm and submissive, thanks to the wonderful work and personality of Cesar Millan. I have learnt – and still do –  from his shows a lot. I hope I can shake his hand one day!

Gracias Cesar, eres el mejor líder de la manada!

I republished this blog post of mine after reedition on the basis of my original writing from my previous ’brown’ website (no longer functioning). I published the old one on 2015-09-27 with the title ”Tick protection for dogs with DXNproducts”