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DXN Andro G Andrographis paniculata extract: good friend during flu pandemic

Andrographis paniculata, the King of Bitters

Component of DXN Andro G: flower of Andrographis paniculata
Component of DXN Andro G: flower of Andrographis paniculata

Andrographis paniculata, also known as Indian Echinacea is a very potent liver detoxifying herb.

It is a popular herb in both Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Andrographis paniculata is native to India, Sri Lanka, but is also grown in China for its popularity.

The remedy is made from the leaf and root of the plant and has been made long before the antibiotic was invented.

I taste the bitter bugging andrograph in my DXN Andro G product presentation video:

Bitter herb with sweet benefits

Andrographis paniculata stopped flu pandemic

DXN Andro G Andrographis paniculata herbal extract: good during a flu pandemic
Indian Echinacea: our good friend during flu pandemic

According to historical records, the global flu epidemic of 1918 could be stopped in India due to the consumption of Andrographis paniculata.

The pandemic, referred to as the Black Death, killed more than 50 million people.

Advantages of DXN Andro G:

The bioactive nutrients of andrographis are Andrographolide, diterpenoids and Silimarin.

Thanks also to these ingredients, DXN Andro G Indian Echinacea Herbal Extract has strong antibacterial, antiviral and antitumor properties.

DXN Andro G is:

liver protector, bile flow aider, immune system booster, stress reliever, antibiotic (bactericide), antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

My experience with DXN Andro G after a month

What effect does the Bitter King have on the body?

Every part of Andrographis paniculata herb is very, very bitter.

Contents of DXN Andrographis paniculata herbal capsule
DXN Andro G is bitter, but the health effect is all the sweeter

promotes the detoxification of the liver

detoxifies tissues

increases lymphatic circulation

improves the function of the urinary tract

treatment of prostate enlargement

treatment of prostatitis

circulatory enhancer

mood-enhancing effect, headache reliever, prevention and treatment of:respiratory diseases, sinusitis, otitis media, sore throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia, influenza infection

reduces excessive secretion

facilitates the excretion of secretions from the body

neutralizes tumor cells

neutralizes viruses

produces antibodies that next time immediately neutralize infections

has a digestive effect

gastric peristalsis optimizer

treatment of diarrhea

treatment of constipation

treatment of increased intestinal gas formation

treatment of stomach pain

reflux prevention

reduces cravings for sweets / sugar

enhances insulin production

diabetes treatment

treatment of insulin resistance

blood glucose control

joint pain treatment

treatment of arthritis

removal of uric acid from the joints

prevention of thrombosis

prevention of cardiovascular disease

treatment of atherosclerosis: cleanses the vascular system treatment of hepatitis

How to use DXN Andro G capsules in Ganotherapy?

DXN andrographis capsules can be combined with the following DXN products, supplemented with:

DXN GL (Ganocelium) powder or capsule

DXN RG (Reishi Gano) powder or capsule

DXN Cordyceps powder or capsule

DXN Lion’s Mane tablet

DXN Poria S powder

DXN Andro G + DXN GL

immune booster, antiviral, reflux treatment, gastric ulcer treatment

DXN Andro G + DXN RG

improvement of liver function, improvement of bile function, treatment of gallstones, liver cleansing, fatty treatment, optimization of cholesterol levels, mood improvement, resolution of depression

DXN Andro G + DXN Cordyceps

treatment of lung and respiratory diseases, treatment of intestinal inflammation, treatment of urinary tract diseases, prevention of thrombosis, treatment of atherosclerosis, prevention of stroke

DXN Andro G + DXN Lion mane

improving insulin production, improving insulin absorption, treating insulin resistance, treating diabetes

DXN Andro G + DXN Poria S

balancing lymphatic circulation, treating edema, optimizing mucus formation

How many DXN Andro G capsules should I take?

If prevention is your goal, then 2-4 capsules of DXN Andro G per day are recommended. In case of deteriorating health, 6-8-12 capsules can be taken daily.

Who is not recommended to take DXN Andro G capsules?

For pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

It should be consumed in moderation by those taking blood thinners or antihypertensives

Not to be used during chemotherapy

In autoimmune disease, as Andrographis boosts the immune system and its increased function increases the symptoms associated with autoimmune disease

In case of low blood pressure, as Andrographis lowers blood pressure

Ask your doctor if you are taking a prescription medication

How can your body respond to taking DXN Andro G capsules?

Possible reactions include headache, nausea, fatigue, diarrhea

This is because the toxins released by the liver enter the circulation, thus straining the body and depriving it of extra energy.

What are the components of DXN Andro G?

Andrographis paniculata flower shoot: 82.35%, hypromellose (capsule shell)

The DXN Andrographis paniculata extract does NOT contain:

preservative, artificial coloring, aroma, insecticides and pesticides, synthetic ingredients

We do not recommend that anyone replace traditional medical treatment with DXN products. We recommend them to supplement treatments (adjuvant therapy). If someone is under medical supervision, it is very important not to interrupt or reduce prescription medications without first consulting your doctor. The information contained in this writing and video is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition or problem.

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