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DXN Andro G Andrographis paniculata herb Megadose Therapy product experiences

What positive effects do I feel after the DXN Andro G cure?

Andrographis paniculata – also known as Indian Echinacea – is the herb that stopped the flu pandemic.

My YouTube video about my DXN Andro G Megadose experience:

Coffeeking talks about the Bitter King 🙂

Andro G capsule from DXN Holdings Berhad Ganoderma company contains 100% pure Andrographis paniculata herb. ​​Indian Echinacea is such an extremely potent liver detoxifying herb that it is also called the ’King of Bitters’ because of its detoxifying effect.

This herb, native to Sri Lanka, India, has historically witnessed its relentless effectiveness in killing the virus when it ordered a halt to the 1918 flu pandemic among the Indian population. This was the same pandemic that unfortunately claimed millions of lives worldwide.

Happy about the effect of DXN Andro G Megadose Therapy
Happy about the effect of DXN Andro G Megadose Therapy

How did I feel when I took DXN Andro G capsules in Megadose?

Perhaps you wouldn’t expect the answer I’m going to say right now, but rather something that is already an almost supernatural effect that could surely sell this DXN product to very gullible people.

While taking the DXN Andro G capsule in high doses – 10 capsules a day for 10 days – I didn’t get sick during and after that. Now, as I am typing this blog, it’s 2020 school winter break-time. I completed DXN Andro G Megadose Therapy in the last days before the winter break. I move among two hundred people a day as an English teacher, and if it doesn’t rain, I ride my skateboard outdoors. I often dress down all the way to a T-shirt because I sweat a lot, but I take care not to catch a cold. All in all, I think DXN Andro G has a lot to do with not having even a running nose, I did not feel the usual, continuous, mild cold typical of me during the autumn-winter period.

Megadosed Andrographis paniculata for 10 days
I Megadosed Andrographis paniculata for 10 days, and loved it

Did I feel the symptoms of detoxification while taking DXN Andro G capsule?

It is believed that the more bitter something is, the healthier it is. The King of Bitters, Andrographis paniculata, is attributed a fairly strong detoxifying effect. Still, I didn’t experience that I should have gone to the toilet more from it. I never felt nauseous and had no diarrhea. Probably because my immune system is strong enough and so the removal of toxins still present in my body doesn’t exhaust it.

I did not experience any unpleasant detoxification symptoms when taking any DXN product in small or even Megadose doses.

Of course, this can change for everyone personally. As a first product experience, I took approximately 3-5 pieces of DXN Andro G capsules for a month. Those who are completely “greenhorns” about herbs and mushrooms should start consuming DXN products in very small doses to avoid any unpleasant symptoms that can be caused by detoxification.

Green capsules of DXN Andrographis paniculata
Nice green capsules of DXN Andrographis paniculata

DXN Andro G as a sexual appetite enhancer?

It is quite strange that I experienced this myself, because I did not read about the potency or sexual “appetite-enhancing” effect of the herb Andrographis paniculata. I am also constantly taking DXN Chinese caterpillar fungus powder or capsule (Cordyceps sinensis), but I have now experienced the above-mentioned effect specifically during the DXN Andro G 10-Day Megadose Therapy.

Does DXN Andrographis paniculata capsule have the same effect on everyone?

Just as DXN Reishi extracts work individually on someone where it hurts, where the balance in the body is upset, so does DXN Indian Echinacea capsule work in the body where it is needed. This can also vary from individual to individual. Everyone else needs to restore balance in their body in another way, so the same herb or mushroom can have different positive effects on everyone, depending on their health.

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