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Stress tolerance with Ganoderma coffee: my DXN product experiences

Stress tolerance-level increased naturally: A nice cup of healthy coffee for a heart-felt smile and happiness   My simple, delicious recipe for better stress tolerance and overall well-being I have a simple tip about how to achieve a cheerful, healthy state of mind. There are many factors that help to enhance the level of stress tolerance. Good company of family and friends, my dogs, nature, healthy food, doing sports, a good movie, great music - I could go on an on about this for hours. Read More...

My first DXN Ganoderma coffee experience

What was my first experience with DXN Ganoderma coffee? My first DXN Ganoderma coffee experience after having to quit drinking 'regular' coffee My first DXN Ganoderma coffee experience came to me as a pleasant surprise after having to stop consuming regular coffee: I felt no heartburn and my blood pressure didn't jump in the sky. I will explain this later, but first let'a have a look at the effect of 'regular coffee' on me. How did I feel after drinking coffee without Read More...