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DXN Reishi Gano and DXN Ganocelium medicinal mushroom extract experiences

What positive changes can be experienced when taking DXN Ganoderma?


”Ganoderma works where it hurts.”


Lingzhi medicinal mushroom takes action where there is ailment in the body. Everyone has different problems, so they will experience positive changes based on their own personal issues.

Ganoderma does not kill diseases or viruses. It strengthens the body, which can effectively fight the pathogens and be resistant to viruses. After getting fortified by Reishi, the body itself conquers the diseases.

The medicinal mushroom also strengthens the beneficial effects of different medicines, so it can be used in addition to other treatments.


I present DXN RG (Reishi Gano) and DXN GL (Ganocelium) powders:


Does Ganoderma really cure so effectively?

Many, almost fairytale-like things can be read about Ganoderma lucidum on the internet. What is true of all this?

Numerous studies – independent from MLM or any other companies – have been written about Reishi mushroom. In the East, healing with the Ganoderma medicinal mushroom has a tradition dating back to 4000 years. The Great Chinese Pharmacopoeia also acknowledges the mushroom so much that from over 200 excellent herbs Ganoderma lucidum has been crowned by Traditional Chinese Medicine to the prestigious “King of Herbs”. There are plenty of fantasy names for Ganoderma beside the Chinese Lingzhi and Japanese Reishi, for example: the Source of Immortality, the Ray of Hope, the Food of the Emperors – consuming Ganoderma was only the right of rulers.


What are the beneficial effects of DXN RG powder?

DXN Reishi Gano powder is reddish-brown and mainly responsible for detoxification. Ganotherapists call it the King of Detoxifiers. RG is the extract of the 3-month-old Ganoderma medical fungus.

Ganoderma’s main beneficial effects include improving blood circulation and cell metabolism, detoxification and harmonization of physiological processes.


I present DXN Reishi Gano powder at home:

DXN Reishi Gano extract poured on a plate by DXN distributor Gergely Takács

DXN RG is the extract of the 3-month-old Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushroom


What are the benefits of DXN GL powder?

The light colored DXN Ganocelium is a chemically pure extract of the 14-day-old mycelium (hyphae of the fungus). It contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. GL is also called the ’Oxygen Store’  because of its high content of organic germanium.

The main effects of GL are as follows: it strengthens the immune system and the nervous system, prevents cell and tissue degeneration and detoxifies. It also promotes the optimal functioning of the pancreas and reduces blood sugar levels.

Here I must mention that DXN coffees can be safely consumed by diabetics due to their low sugar content. If a person’s “bloodsugar falls” – we say it like this in my mother tongue, Hungarian – then I think that some chocolate is in the pocket for such an emergency. I’ve seen this before from friends. There is also sugar in chocolate, far more than in coffee. There are, of course, sugar-free coffees in DXN product range.


The ’Kitchen Fairy’ introducing DXN Ganocelium extract! 🙂

DXN Ganocelium extract presented at home on a plate by Gergely Takács, DXN products distributor

DXN GL builds up the body so that it will be able to take detoxification easier.


Stages of Ganotherapy:

  1. Scanning (1-30 days)
  2. Detoxification (1-30 weeks)
  3. Regulation (1-12 months)
  4. Building (6-24 months)
  5. Renewal (1-3 years)


My personal experience with DXN Ganoderma

Ganoderma consumption does not have spectacular results for about 3-4 months, compared to DXN Ganoderma coffee, which gives positive product experience even after drinking 1-3 boxes. My personal experience with DXN Ganoderma “mushroom coffee” is as follows:

I have been drinking DXN coffee for nearly 3 years and taking Lingzhi mushroom for a little less time than that. I have never been a sick type, but it is a fact that I have never been on sick leave for the past 3 years. The wave of one or two epidemics have touched me, though, but this is inevitable if you are a teacher among children and people on a daily basis.


Regular taking of Reishi is more important than quantity

Ganoderma slowly detoxifies, balances and builds the body at a cellular level.This is a longer process. In case of normal health condition, it is often suggested that it is not the quantity, but rather the continuous taking of Reishi is important. Of course, the more one takes, the sooner one will notice positive changes. Here, I find it very important to note that while some vitamin preparations are recommended to be taken for 3 months, Ganoderma can be taken on a daily basis without stopping. No need for 3-month cures, as Lingzhi does not accumulate in the body and has no harmful side effects.


The little white boxes hide a very precious thing: DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom extract!

DXN RG and DXN GL complete each others effects.

The Yin and the Yang: DXN RG and DXN GL


Should I have Ganoderma coffee or Ganoderma powder?

Improvement of health condition can be noticed faster by drinking Ganoderma coffee than consuming plain Ganoderma powder. In my case, this includes:

DXN coffee does not ’bite’ my belly, so as soon as my eyes open in the morning, my first job is drinking a mug of delicious Ganoderma coffee. The fact that DXN coffee does not cause me heartburn is due to the alkaline effect of the medicinal mushroom.

I said goodbye to high blood pressure. DXN coffee adjusted my blood pressure, which was very high even during my childhood.

I am very fresh from DXN coffee without getting a stroke from the fierce, unpleasant pounding heartbeat I’ve always had from ’traditional’ – Ganoderma-free – coffee.

It makes me “spin” because caffeine is included in the healthy coffee of DXN, but it is more like a pleasant, intensified emotional and mental state.

Ganoderma has a mood-enhancing effect that I also experience daily. I do not say that if I sometimes fly off the handle, which happens to everybody, I just simply get happy from a cup of DXN coffee, but I’ve been able to maintain my sense of humor better in a stressful situation. I tell a joke and everything goes on smoothly. Of course, this is also a matter of personal disposition.


The King of Cappuccinos: DXN White coffee Zhino

I simply love this Ganoderma Cappuccino! 🙂


Ganoderma cleanses the soul


The detoxifying effect* of Ganoderma, figuratively is that it dispels anger and enhances cheerfulness.

*In my native tongue, Hungarian the word: ’toxin’ is the same for ’anger’ too. So the verb ’detoxify’ in Hungarian has the same meaning like we said ’make something void of anger’ in English.

I would even be able to put the fact that “Ganoderma detoxifies” in other words, like it ”dispels anger” and enhances cheerfulness. I experienced that I have not yet been always able to completely exclude the stress and discomfort caused by the daily squirrel wheel, but I dwell considerably less on certain things or rebel against the world and fate than some of my acquaintances.

This is a bit of deviation from the topic of Ganoderma extracts to the subject of goals and business, but it is also the effect of knowing that if I do not work on changing things, then I would uselessly be angry about my situation, because it will not improve from itself. There are some things that can piss me off on a daily basis when I’m in a worse mood, and this is the Clock’s Tyranny.

Since I have dogs and I am forced to walk them 3 times daily do I know how precious my freedom is.

Mountainbiking with three dogs in the forest

The daily mountain bike rides provide my dogs enough exercise and keep them balanced.


Ganoderma helps me end the Clock’s Tyranny

For me the clock does not just go forward, but it ticks backwards too because of my dogs:

After the morning dog walk, the countdown starts right away until going to work. At work I calculate how much time do I have until the afternoon walk and until arriving home for it. Do I have some time to arrange stuff and go shopping before it or not.

From the afternoon walk the clock ticks – and it ticks the fastest this time – to the evening walk and from there starts the circle all over again until the next day. I’m just writing this blog to say goodbye to this robotic slave lifestyle as soon as possible.

Fortunately, I’m in a very good position, because DXN products work without the business opportunity as well, they do not suffer the impact of any external power, no weather, no politics or economic status: Ganoderma coffee, CordypineCocozhiRoselle Juice are always delicious and healthy! 🙂

This is an improved and reedited verision of my post from my previous webpage from 2017-05-03 with the title: ”DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom extract presentation: RG Reishi Gano and GL Ganocelium powders”