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DXN Roselle Juice Megadose Therapy: my experiences after 10 days of Sudanese Hibiscus syrup

Hibiscus sabdariffa Juice: natural, delicous remedy for treating cold

Before talking about my Megadose-experience with DXN Roselle Juice, let’s see some of the fealth benefits. Hibiscus sabdariffa is used to treat common cold, constipation, and weakness. Consuming Roselle contributes to healthy pregnancy and maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Skateboarding over 40 and DXN Roselle Juice Megadose
Doing pogo stand on skateboard, not from Roselle 🙂 Click here for video

How I diluted DXN Roselle Juice

DXN Roselle Juice is sweet, delicious healthy immune system-boosting drink
Delicious, sweet and healthy DXN Roselle

During the ten-day DXN Roselle Juice Megadose I got the proportions right! I can not say this with DXN Apple Enzyme Drink Megadose, but I have learnt from that.

I used not a whole bottle (285 ml) of DXN Roselle Juice, just the half of it.

I shook the not-strictly-measured 142.5 ml Roselle with about 8.5 deciliters of water.

It was sweet enough, but not too sweet.

Less DXN Roselle Juice could have done fine, but I did not feel that oversaturatedness like with the thick DXN Apple Enzyme juice.

Is it okay to megadose DXN Roselle Juice?

Before venturing into drinking Roselle in a Megadose, I asked our Ganotherapist about drinking a whole bottle of this DXN product at once in a day, during the period of ten consecutive days, and she clearly told me that it is not the best idea.

Why? Because DXN Roselle Juice has a very high sugar content. Even though DXN Holdings Berhad uses cane sugar in its products, what is too much is too much. Yet I decided to megadose Roselle, but, as you see, just a half bottle, which is still more than could be recommended.

So do not follow me in this. This is not the DXN product that you want to drink a huge dose of, no matter how delicious it tastes.

Talking about my DXN Roselle Megadose experience

Rethinking my ’10 bottles in 10 days’ concept

Kisavasi Amphitheater and drinking DXN Roselle Megadose
Kisavasi Amphitheater was my scene for drinking DXN Roselle Megadose

A few years ago when I decided to do DXN product Megadose video series, I thought a lot about the concept and what title should I give them. 10 bottles, sachets etc. in 10 days sounded good.

This proved to be good in most cases, like Ganoderma, Poria, Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms and Spirulina.

With drinks like DXN Apple Enzyme, Roselle, Vinaigrette and Cordypine drinking a whole bottle in a day, even with proper dilution would definitely be very stupid.

I do not know what would happen if I drank a whole bottle of DXN Vinaigrette (red yeast rice vinegar with Ganoderma) in one day, but I am not going to find out.

I am holding the mirror for myself: common sense before adhering too much to video concepts.

Three pointer and DXN Roselle Juice drinking
Three pointer and DXN Roselle Juice drinking

Is it harmful to Megadose DXN products?

Drinking Megadose of DXN Roselle under Avasi Lookout Tower, Miskolc
Drinking Megadose of DXN Roselle under Avasi Lookout Tower, Miskolc

Megadose in many cases it is even great and healthy, but it depends on the product. Let me give you an example. This will be a bit overexaggerated, just to demonstrate what works and what doesn’t:

DXN Cordypine is a pineapple enzyme drink with Chinese caterpillar fungus extract. This marvellous product might be my all time favourite DXN drink, but no matter how I love its taste and effect, just think about this for while:

A bottle of Cordypine (700 mililiters) I would need a lot – I really mean a LOT – of water! I drank my Megadose of Cordypine using this dilution: about 1.5-2 fingers of the drink and the rest is water. If I use this proportion, one bottle of DXN Cordypine would give about eight 7-deciliter-bottles of diluted Cordypine drink.

This proportion is drinkable and enjoyable, but the amount would be huge if I stuck with my one-bottle-a-day concept.

Bicycle hanging leg raises on a football goal before drinking my DXN Roselle Juice Megadose
Training before pleasure: bicycle hanging leg raises before Roselle
Bodybuilding with DXN products?
Popeye ate spinach, I drink Roselle 🙂

Avoiding belly-growth

I could surely not do this for 10 days in a row.

This would mean drinking about 6 liters of liquid every day for 10 days, and that is crazy!

That much drink would probably not fit in my belly, even if I feasted.

The other thing is that I do not want my belly to grow.

I pay attention not to overeat, so I do not want to mess this up with ’overdrinking’, even if this would mean healthy juices.

I drink better than I change wheels 🙂

Conclusion about my Megadose-concept

Crow stand over DXN Roselle Juice
No, I did not drink my Roselle from crow stand 🙂

I have to do it differently with almost each DXN product. Honestly I am a bit fed up of ’having to’ drink one liter of liquid in a minute.

Not because it does not taste good. My problem is with the quantity.

The volume of my belly does not tolerate well such an amount. I realizred this after having done two Megadose video series in a short period of time. Drinking a 7 decilter-mixture in about a minute might be okay.

I do not need the other 300 mililiters.

Learning from the above, I am going to be using less water, and, if common sense dictates so, less DXN products for my DXN Product Megadose Therapy videos.

How do I feel after a lot of DXN Roselle Juice?

Happy face from Roselle taste :)
Smiling like a well-fed kid in daycare 🙂

Even though I do sports in the cold every day and sweat a lot and get dressed up and down for that, I didn’t catch cold. I did not get sick during the 10-day Megadose of Roselle either.

Aside from the fact that this product is very delicious, I still can’t report anything incredibly sounding about healing, superpowers, weight loss, or any fictional impact-hunter marketing speech.

I repeat myself: I consume DXN products to maintain my health in the long run. I think one of the best effects for selling a product is that whoever takes it doesn’t get sick. For me, too, this is my many-year  DXN product experience.

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