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Roselle Juice preparation and benefits – DXN home video

Delicious Sudanese Hibiscus drink for health conscious people with a sweet tooth


Roselle has many names from different cultures

Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is a species of Hibiscus native to Sudan. It is a tropical annual also known as Hibiscus, rosa de Jamaica, rosella, roselle, Rozelle, Rozelle Hemp, Sorrel, Sour-Sour, Jamaican tea flower, Java Jute, Jelly Okra, Jamaican sorrel, Florida Cranberry, Guinea Sorrel, Hibiscus, Indian Sorrel, Natal Sorrel, Nubia tea, Pink Lemonade, Queensland Jelly Plant, karkade (Egyptian hibiscus tea), karkadi, red sorrel, and red tea.

DXN Roselle Juice mixed with water

Roselle Juice from DXN Berhad is a guaranteed favourite of sweet toothed folks, like me! 🙂


Origin of Roselle

Roselle is a member of the Mallow family. It has five petals and funnel-shaped flower. Roselle seeds, leaves, fruits and roots are used in various foods. Among the parts of Roselle its fleshy red calyces are the most popular.


What is Roselle good for?

Its usage is very wide providing a cure for numerous ailments such as common cold, constipation, and weakness. Roselle consumption contributes to healthy pregnancy and  maintaining healthy teeth and gums. According to folk traditions, Roselle drink is a remedy for cancer. It is made by placing red Roselle calyces in water. Jam and jelly is also prepared from Roselle, which is used as food since the 17th century.


Why is DXN Roselle Juice especially healthy?


Fully natural production:

DXN company has its own Roselle plantation where there are no preservatives, no coloring and no artificial flavoings are used. DXN’s fully organic Roselle plantation is HALAL Certified by JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia). JAKIM (Malaysian Islam Development Department) is the main agency managing Islamic affairs at the Federal level in Malaysia. It is also the secretariat to the National Council for Islamic Affairs Malaysia (Majlis Kebangsaan Islam: MKI).


Certificates are proof of quality

Processed in a factory endorsed with ISO 14001 certificate and “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) using exclusive equipment and sophisticated technology.

Good Manufacture Process and HALAL are the few of the certificates of DXN Berhad and also its Roselle plantation.

DXN One Dragon philosophy also means that the company has its own plantations, just like in case of Sudanese hibiscus, the main ingreadient of DXN Roselle Juice.


My own experience with DXN Roselle Juice

DXN Roselle Juice is one of my favourite healthy drinks due to its yummy sweet taste. Yes, I still have a sweet tooth and it is not going to change in the future either 🙂


How I prepare DXN Roselle Juice

I prepare it according to the manual. I add 1 part DXN Roselle Juice to 8 parts of water. It’s colour is very beautifully red in its original package. It turns paler when mixed with water. It can be misleading, but Roselle Juice does not lose anything from its values or taste. I can assure you, that it is very sweet and the 1:8 mixing proportion suggested by DXN company is appropriate. It is another healthy drink from DXN that I could consume by liters along with Cordypine and Morinzhi.

Again, the above blog is the reedited version of the one from my previous site: 2017-02-19: ”Preparation and benefits of DXN Roselle Juice with home video”