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DXN Spirulina Powder Megadose Therapy: my experiences after 10 days of superfood ‘overdose’

What superpowers does this tiny green superfood give?

Let me share you my experience after DXN Spirulina Powder Megadose Therapy.

How do I feel after the 10-day Spirulina “overdose”?

Very good! But the question may arise, that is it possible to overdose on this delicious green superfood at all? Stay with me, I’ll explain in more detail. It may also be worthwhile to read through my lines for those who prefer videos because I also provide a little more information in writing.

I tested Spirulina myself in Megadose. My YouTube video summary

Can it be too much even from DXN Spirulina?

DXN Spirulina powder from poured into a bottle
Pullups and DXN Spirulina smoothie

There are no side-effects or contraindications to DXN products.

This is the reason why I dared to test them many times in Megadose (huge dose) on myself.

I had been doing this now Spirulina powder, because DXN Holding Berhad’s Spirulina and its medicinal mushrooms have no side effects.

Anyone can take DXN Spirulina alga, Ganoderma lucidum and Cordyceps sinensis regardless of age and gender.

Who can take a Megadose of Spirulina?

Pouring water on DXN Spirulina Powder in a bottle
Spirulina does magic with normalizing the functioning of our organs

I’m not a medical professional of any kind, so I’m just talking about my own experience. I calmly “overdose” DXN Spriulina, as I have been consuming DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom extract, Cordyceps and Spirulina algae in normal doses for a long time. I also started with small doses and at first.

By consuming DXN medicinal mushrooms and Spirulina platensis in small doses, it is possible to avoid feeling unwell while strengthening your health and immune system. I think it’s important to have only a positive experience while healing, so you need to pay attention to gradualness.

Who is not recommended to take DXN Spirulina Powder in Megadose?

I grin with green teeth from DXN Spirulina
For profile picture maybe?… 🙂

In case of hypothyroidism, we should start taking DXN Spirulina very carefully.

Why? Because this tiny, yet strong and nutritious superfood enhances and optimizes the functioning of our internal organs.

If an underactive thyroid gland were suddenly almost “flared up” under the influence of Spirulina, it would suddenly start to function in a very unusual – normal – way for its “host”, which could cause unpleasant reactions.

This can be avoided by taking Spirulina algae carefully in small doses, watching the reactions, gradually increasing the amount.

Hanging legraises and Spirulina Megadose

How did I feel after my DXN Spirulina Powder Megadose Therapy?

DXN Spirulina Powder painted my fingers green
High Five! 🙂

I didn’t really feel the positive effects of Spirulina in the first few days.

Perhaps what also contributed to this was that there were a lot of heightened effects in my emotional and relationship life.

My lovelife was very busy, unfortunately not in a good sense. 🙁

This is where the stress relieving effects of Spirulina and Ganoderma come into play, which I was in dire need of at the time. But even DXN products can not heal a broken heart. 💔

But I am about to stop this chain of thoughts now, before you, my dear reader, and everyone else – including me – would start puking from this sloppy wining of mine. (Gotta make fun of myself, it is easier this way). 🙂

Stationary skateboarding manual practice and Spirulina smootie

Spirulina Megadose-effect

DXN Spirulina Powder smoothie
Delicious, nice, green DXN Spirulina Powder smoothie

My energy levels increased a lot and the workout went better.

I say this all along with the fact that I don’t drink as much mushroom coffee a day right now, I only drink 2-4 servings of Ganoderma coffee.

I didn’t even train much, I just worked out at home doing own bodyweight exercises. I couldn’t go skateboarding outside either because the weather was bad. I just balanced on my skateboard on two wheels in my room (manual and nose manual, on both sides).

I didn’t pay special attention to my meal either, only not to eat myself full too much. Fortunately, I can keep to this principal, whic his also of key importance if someone doesn’t want to gain weight.

Home-workout and Spirulina ‘overdose’

I lost weight from my waist from the Spirulina Megadose

Dogs love DXN Spirulina alga tablets
Spirulina tastes fine. My dogs are the proof for this 🙂

Despite my above things, my colleagues at school I teach English at made me very happy with the following:

They remarked that I had lost some pounds from my waist. I also feel like I’m lighter, slimmer if you can say that with my little physique, hehe.

I almost never measure myself on a scale, so I can’t serve with “before and after” photos and pounds.

I attribute this weight loss to taking high doses of DXN Spirulina Powder.

The ‘caveman’ and the Spirulina 🙂

Is it worth spending a lot of money on expensive DXN Spirulina?

DXN Spirulina costs as much as it does because of its quality. I do not get sick easily, but is it worth spending a lot of money on Spirulina if I’m not sick anyway?

Without thinking, I say yes.

Diósgyőri vár és DXN Spirulina smoothie
The King of Superfoods, the CoffeeKing and the Castle of Diósgyőr

I consume DXN products for prevention, in order to enjoy excellent health in the long run. Megadose is not necessary for prevention with DXN Ganoderma and Spirulina. An exception to this is if a person has money for it, because the more the better from DXN Spirulina and medicinal mushrooms. Most of us, however, still live on average earnings, and I suggest that you take DXN products in smaller doses but on a daily basis.

It is worth ordering with a regular customer discount. In the long run, this will make it cheaper and cheaper to get DXN products.

I think everyone’s goal is to be healthy in the long run.

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