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DXN Vinaigrette Ganoderma Rice Vinegar Megadose Therapy: my experiences

Drinking red yeast rice vinegar in large doses for 10 days

Medicinal mushroom rice vinegar: terribly strong taste and excellent effect

What did I experience during the ten days of DXN Ganoderma Rice Vinegar Megadose Therapy? My experiences are mixed because the taste and effect of this DXN product is quite contrasting.

My confession about DXN Vinaigrette ‘overdosing’

Rice vinegar – its Chinese name Hongqu – is one of the oldest vinegars in the world. It is produced biologically from fermented red yeast rice. Rice vinegar has a lower acetic acid content than European vinegars.

Hongqu red yeast rice
Hong qu red yeast rice, the main ingredient of rice vinegar

DXN Vinaigrette has a lot of health benefits apart from its only bad trait – its awful taste.

As strange as it sounds, but even though it’s just vinegar and tastes very acidic, the DXN Vinaigrette is an alkalizing product.

This is not only because of the added DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom extract, but also because the rice vinegar itself is alkaline because the acid neutralizes the acid.

According to ancient Chinese sayings, Hongqu is one of the secret ingredients of longevity.

How did DXN Ganoderma taste like red yeast rice vinegar?

DXN Hong Qu with Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushrooms
Hong Qu with Lingzhi

The answer was written on my face in each video after I drank the approximately 90 milliliters of Hong Qu. I know this is by no means the best advertising text, but I think the DXN Vinaigrette tastes awful.

Anyway, since I was trying to mix, I couldn’t love the taste. I used several DXN products (DXN Cordypine, DXN Apple Enzyme Drink, DXN Roselle Juice) and even honey to take away the sharp, powerful taste of DXN Vinaigrette, but none of these ’additives’ proved to be useful.

More water might have been better, but I quickly dismissed that idea. That would have taken me more time to drink this mixture, and believe me, it wouldn’t have been a pleasant experience.

DXN Vinaigrette is definitely a product I don’t consume for its taste, but think about it: who on Earth drinks vinegar for its taste?

How do I feel from DXN Lingzhi rice vinegar?

Now this is the part that many would love to hear or others would say that this is the part where I start lying because weight loss is still such a fashionable desire that many unreliable, mostly unreal companies want to take advantage of the wallet of people who are looking for quick results, but yet now I dare say that:

I lost weight from it!

Although I’m not staring at myself on scales measuring my weight every week, I still feel like I’ve lost weight during this ten-day Megadose regimen. For the sake of the full picture, I’ll tell you here, about a week before the Megadose video series, I started drinking DXN Reishi rice vinegar, but only about 30 milliliters a day.

Battle of DXN drinks: can Apple Enzyme and Pineapple Enzyme defeat the powerful taste of Vinaigrette?

I did this mainly because I wanted an empty bottle of Vineigrette, because my original plan was to drink Megadose from a Vinaigrette-bottle, but then I put it down, maybe because the product didn’t run out of the bottle as fast as I expected and I wanted to start shooting Megadose videos.

I feel like my waist has become narrower, even though I haven’t given up on my bad habit of snacking late at night. Drinking DXN Ganoderma rice vinegar contributed to my weight loss even with my improper nutrition.

Is it worth drinking Ganoderma lucidum rice vinegar before or after a meal?

Reishi Hong Qu also helps with digestion, and I suggest you don’t drink this DXN product on an empty stomach no matter how alkalizing it is.

A blend of DXN Cordypine and DXN Vinaigrette
DXN Cordypine and DXN Vinaigrette mixed with water

I did this wrong in most of my videos. I know this from the fact that after drinking Vinaigrette Megadose after a normal meal, my belly felt much better. By the way, when I drank it on an empty stomach, I had to basically burped from it and didn’t want food for 2 hours. I wasn’t sick of it, but it wasn’t so good to drink Hong Qu on an empty stomach either.

How much rice vinegar should one consume a day?

I suggest that DXN Vinaigrettte should be mixed with approximately a glass of water and should be drunk quickly, maybe at one gulp . Then you should drink a little more water or something delicious on it to take away the strong aftertaste of the product from your mouth. I drank DXN Morinzhi on it after the 10th day of “overdosing”  DXN Vinaigrette.

I lived for the moment of drinkning DXN noni juice after rice vinegar

I think 30 milliliters of this DXN drink is enough for one drinking, and in my experience, DXN Vinaigrette can be drunk after every meal if someone can put up with its taste. Rather drink a little, but regularly.

DXN Vinaigrette with Honey
The DXN Vinaigrette was the best with honey.

Of the many DXN products I have mixed it with, DXN Vinaigrette is, in my opinion, the best with honey – lots and lots of honey. I am very excited when DXN Vinaigrette Honey will arrive on the Hungarian market from DXN’s Malaysian headquarters.

I enrich DXN Vinaigrette with honey, until I will be able to buy DXN Vinaigrette Honey
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