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Life is too short not to drink DXN coffee

One Life, Think Wise

I believe with all my heart that this one little precious life that I have must not be wasted on things I don’t like. Life is too short to drink bad coffee. Life is too short not to drink DXN coffee.

I know this can be a more serious topic relating to other areas of life and the world, but this time I will examine this phenomena from a DXN coffee-lover’s point of view, my humble self. Maybe you will find some connection too.

You might say I am prejudiced. It might be so. These products work very well for me, they taste delicious and I am completely satisified with my DXN upline, my sponsor and the company management.

I think life is too short not to drink DXN coffee … 😉 🙂

Life is too short not to drink DXN coffee

I only have time for good things in life 😉


Why do I praise DXN coffee so much?

You might ask me something like this, because my above statement surely reflects, that the alkaline healthy coffee specialties – you know, those that have that strange mushroom in them, Ganoderma  – are one of the best things in life. You are right, they surely are! 🙂

I have written so much about my experiences with DXN coffee and you must have seen at least one of my clumsy videos where I prepare and drink Lingzhi Coffee while fooling around.

Da taste & da ’shroom’

DXN coffee is a product that makes me happy every time I consume it. Its delicious taste and medicinal mushroom content are to ’blame’.

These special coffees also energize me and lift my spirit without any unpleasant effects on my body, basically my stomach and bloodpressure. All this I could not say about coffee without Ganoderma, so I could not indulge in the joy of coffee drinking before without risking a near-heart attack state.

1-month-old and 2-month old DXN Red Reishi medicinal mushroom with hygienic upright cultivation method on rice husk.

Growing stages and the hygienic upright cultivation method of DXN Lingzhi medicinal mushroom in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia at the Ganoderma farm of DXN Holdings Berhad.


So what? Coffee is not a basic need for the body!

Sure, one can survive without coffee. It is not like food and water. Some might say that caffeine causes addiction. I simply say that DXN coffee – regardless of its health benefits now – enhances my mood and thinking. It even helps me when I fly off the handle sometimes. It does not make problems and bad mood disappear in a jiffy, but helps to ease stress. In case of ’regular coffee’ it was the opposite: I became even more nervous.

Facing one of the deepest fears: encounter with sharks underwater, protected by a shark-proof cage

Surrounded by sharks underwater in shark-diving cage (Photo source: Wikipedia)


Mushroom coffee vs. sharks

I think that I can only honestly form opinion about something after I have experienced it. I do not say that I am going to try everything. I would not go swimming with sharks, not even in a cage. I am saying, that everyone has plans about trying certain awesome things in life, whether it is a food, a sport or travelling to some nice place. I just want to broaden people’s perspecitve and add another great thing to their list of ”Things I must try in my life”, because, guess what…

Life is too short not to drink DXN coffee! 🙂