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My DXN Apple Enzyme Drink Megadose Therapy Experiences

10 Days of Fine, Concentrated Apple Enzyme

Dilution of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink is important

My first piece of good advice is not to consume DXN Apple Enzyme Drink in this form after me! I had no problem with it, of course, but the product is very concentrated.

Great care must be taken to dilute DXN Apple Enzyme Drink, which also contains more than 100 types of enzymes. The sugar content of this DXN product is quite high: one half of the sachet is fermented apple enzyme and the other half is cane sugar.

For DXN Apple Enzyme Drink I would try to turn a World War II cannon upside-down 🙂
DXN Apple Enzyme Drink Megadose at Majális park, Miskolc
10 sachets of sweet health

DXN Apple Enzyme Drink  is fine, healthy but concentrated

I was saturated with the taste of this very delicious “apple juice” as I drank it in a ver-very concentrated form with just a little water.

Luckily, when it comes to sweets, I also feel like it was enough for a while, but at least I don’t want the sweet taste so much.

This is especially good for me because I tend to be beautiful on an ever-increasing surface even after consuming less sweets. 😊

Megadose of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink needs more water than I think

DXN Apple Enzyme Drink, if consumed in Megadose, needs one and a half liters more water. Why then did I drink this many DXN Apple Enzyme Drink from just a one-liter bottle? It’s very simple: I can’t really drink more fluids than a liter at a time.

I talk about my Megadose-experience with DXN Apple Enzyme Drink
To your health: Megadose of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink
To your health: Megadose of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink

Why didn’t I dilute DXN Apple Enzyme Drink better?

One of the reasons is my aforementioned 1 liter “capacity”. The other reason why I drank it so concentrated is the number 10. This sounds a bit silly, but the essence of the video concept I set up for myself is to consume 10 boxes, sachets, bottles of DXN product for 10 days.

In the case of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink, it was foolish to stick to this because 3 sachets of enzyme drink and 850 milliliters of water would have been enough in a one-liter bottle. I’ve learned from this, I’m not going to stick so much to number 10 anymore.

Also for DXN Cordypine – a Chinese caterpillar fungus extract-enriched pineapple enzyme drink – I poured about 2 fingers of Cordypine into the 7-deciliter bottle because it is also very concentrated and also divinely delicious. So in the case of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink, to put it mildly, I fell into the trap of overexaggerating the proportions a bit, but no matter, I learned from it.

Correct dilution of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink Megadose

I already had serious problems with unit conversion in primary school grade 4, so in the video, as a big “math genius”, of course, I faithfully misinterpreted this a bit:

1 sachet needs 2 deciliters of water, 10 sachets need 20 deciliters of water, 20 dl = 2 liters

So, to put it in a way even I can understand, I should have mixed it with a liter and a half more water.

I was overrated from math with the graduation grade of ’D’, that is for sure 😊

Street workout and DXN Apple Enzyme Drink mixing
Opening 10 sachets and pouring them into the bottle is harder than doing hanging leg raises 🙂

Opening 10 sachets of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink and strong wind

It was a bit awkward to open the 10 sachets of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink and squeeze them into the bottle one by one during the making of the videos.

After a couple of times, this operation went quite routinely, but there was almost always a big wind where I was shooting the videos, and the camera tripod, with my smartphone on it, fell over several times at Lake Csorba, and once a half sachet of enzyme spilled to the concrete on the sportcourt of  Avas.

Seven boxes of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink
Once there was a house party with lot of drinks…. 🙂

How many boxes of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink did I use?

I ordered a total of 7 boxes of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink for this series.

This means 105 sachets of this DXN product.

Since each box contains 15 sachets of “apple juice,” I still have 5 sachets left, which I drank with greater dilution.

I tried a sachet with half a liter of water and it tasted very delicate, refreshing, invigorating after the concentrated taste orgy of the Megadose.

Did DXN Apple Enzyme Drink Megadose have any unpleasant effects on me?

Luckily, I didn’t experience anything bad.

So, for example, my belly didn’t hurt and I did not have diarrhoea.

The enzyme drink filled me up in such a way that I wasn’t hungry for a couple of hours and not a single mouthful went down my throat, which isn’t necessarily a problem.

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