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My DXN GL Powder Megadose Therapy experiences

Younger and healthier in 10 days without side effects: my DXN Ganocelium ’overdose’

Got your attention? I know I did! Now here comes the cold shower, the honest truth, which I bet you know but it would have been so. so good if there was a way, a product, a method that could bring youth and health in such a short period of time.

DXN Ganoderma for rejuvanation taken in Megadose
Getting younger with DXN Ganoderma Megadose

But here’s the thing:

Even the King of Herbs is not capable of rejuvenating and healing the body in 10 days!

Here I note that Ganoderma does not heal the body. It does not defeat diseases or viruses either.

Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushroom enhances the body’s self-healing mechanism.

Reishi strengthens the immune system, and it is the body itself that overcomes diseases.

Rejuvenation mode: On

Well of Jesus (Jézus kútja, Miskolc,, Hungary
The Coffeeking (Kávékirály) megadosing DXN GL at Well of Jesus (Jézus kútja), Miskolc,, Hungary

But let’s stay with the number ten for a while, and talk about a different period, let’ say, 10 years…

Would it be good if gradually, day-by-day your health condition and overall well-being could be improved to such an extent, that after your body has been purged free of toxins, your fortified immune system would help to rebuild your body and after rebuilding it, your body would start to become younger?

I do not know what others would say or think after reading this, even after getting to know what Ganoderma lucidum is capable of, but I say:

’Of course it would be great!’

Jedi Temple? No, it is the Fazola Ancient Blast Furnace in Ómassa Miskolc, Hungary

Long term health benefits of taking DXN Ganoderma

Hands of stone statues, Miskolc, South Kilián, Hungary
‘Stonehenge’ of Borsod county and DXN Ganocelium

I’ve heard a saying about getting rich quickly that I really like: you don’t have to get rich quickly, you have to get really rich! 😊

Even before an imaginary dialogue develops here in everyone about what a bastard thing it is to get very rich, because it can only be unfair, to the detriment of others, let’s get back to health.

By the way, if you don’t think about wealth the way described above, congratulations, welcome to the club! I don’t think it’s a problem for someone to make a lot of money with fair, hard work, because then you can help others not only with a few hundred or a few thousand forints – yes, a little help means a lot, and intention is important as well – but with a whole lot more.

My theory about this is that when I am going to have a 50-million-forint Porsche, I’ll spend ten times more money of the price of the car on charity.

Anyway, I don’t think a car is worth that much money, no matter how much I like the special brand mentioned above. But now let’s really get back to health. Based on the example above, I say you don’t have to get healthy quickly, but you have to get very healthy in the long run. Here I’m talking about a person in an average state of health. For those who are very ill, I wish from the bottom of my heart that they get very healthy very quickly.

As a child I played here with grandpa, now I drink DXN Ganoderma Megadose

Ganoderma with medicinal mushrooms for long-term well-being

DXN Ganoderma a Tündérkertben, Diósgyőr, Miskolc
Coffeeking in Fairygarden with the Mushroom of Immortality

This is why I am taking DXN Ganoderma.

The Megadose of DXN GL (Ganocelium) and the previous product, RG (Reishi Gano) is just for entertainment from my part.

Luckily I am making these Megadose-series, because I am not in dire need of Megadosing DXN products, because I am in a relatively good health condition.

Megadose of medicinal mushrooms is necessary in severe health condition, or, if someone wants to experience the benefits of Reishi mushroom, and can also afford the large dose of the products.

Frog Lake, Miskolc, Hungary and Ganocelium (No, the lake was not named after me) 🙂

How does DXN GL Powder taste like?

Makind DXN Ganoderma coctail
Makind DXN Ganoderma coctail

GL tastes fine

DXN Ganocelium Powder, comparing to DXN Reishi Gano (RG) Powder, tastes fine. It has a neutral taste. it is not bitter at all. This might be because DXN GL is not a harsh deotxer, it has more of a rebuilding effefct. The name of GL reflect this: the ’Balancer’, the ’Builder’, while RG is the ’Punisher’, the ’Scanner’.

What did I not experience during DXN GL Ganoderma “overdose”?

DXN Ganocelium Medicinal Mushroom Powder, as I have mentioned in my RG experience as well, has no side effects and can be taken by anyone regardless of age and gender. Experiencing any discomfort while taking Reishi (Japanese for Ganoderma could only be a symptom of detoxification, not a side effect.

Making these videos is fun 🙂

Increased urination stimulus

From the DXN GL Megadose, I felt that I had to go to pee more than from the RG Megadose. It sounds and seems stange to me, because I know about the effects of both DXN Ganoderma extracts.

Ganocelium (GL) has only a slight detoxifying effect and Reishi Gano (RG) a much more stricter one. In spite of these, I had to pee more often from GL.

Maybe it was caused by my lifestyle during the 10-day megadosing of Ganoderma. I had been moving around more in the city. When someone is on the road and has an increased urge to urinate, it can be very unpleasant.

Maybe this is why I felt this way. If I spend more time at home, it is natural to walk a few meters to the bathroom. This means no strain to hold it in, inot like in a public place where it is many times a huge effort to keep it a secret from everyone that you really need to go to the washroom.

It might sound funny reading all this, but trust me, and, I bet you have experienced this as well: it is not that funny when there is not even a bush around, just a lot of people, LOL!

Prevention is more pleasant, than cure

DVTK Stadion, Miskolc, Diósgyőr, Andrássy út

Prevention is not just more pleasant, but it is easier as well than curing a developed illness.

I am quite sure, that long lasting greatness and development can not be achieved in only ten days.

Ten days – let’s not dwell on the numbers here – may be a good start to take on a new positive habit.

A new habit like doing sports, taking herbs and medicinal mushrooms on a daily basis for long term health benefits.

How should I start taking Ganoderma?

Definitely not with Megadose! It is wise to start taking Ganoderma lucidum in a moderate dosage first. After getting accustomed to Lingzhi mushroom – here I mean not experiencing unpleasant symptoms of detoxification – the dosage can be raised. With a higher dose of Reishi the rebuilding of the body can be sped up.

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