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My experiences after 10 days of detoxing with DXN RG Powder Megadose

Ganoderma ‘overdose’: how do I feel after 10 days?

Filled with energy

I was full of energy during and after the 10-day DXN Reishi Gano Medicinal Mushroom Extract cure, which is not only due to the 3-4 mugs of alkalizing Ganoderma coffees I drink every day. I have been living in a house with garden with my 3 dogs for a year now, so the vicissitudes of a “apartment dog” life no longer multiply wrinkles on my smooth, young face… 😊

Talking about how I feel after the RG Megadose at Hámori Lake, Miskolc, Hungary

I’m rested even after less sleep, and perhaps the medicinal mushroom tunes or “tunes down” my quiet, patient nature even more, although this mental balance is driven in a negative direction day by day by the characteristics of my current job.

10 boxes of DXN RG Powder
10 boxes of DXN RG Powder
I did not have time to feel cold 🙂
Training at an outdoor gym followed by Ganoderma Megadose
Own bodyweight exercises followed by Reishi ‘overdose’

What did I not experience during Ganoderma “overdose”?

DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom has no side effects.

Ganoderma lucidum, the ‘Food of Emperors’ can be taken by anyone regardless of age and gender.

If anyone might experience any discomfort while taking Reishi (the Japanese name for Ganoderma), it could only be a symptom of detoxification, not a side effect.

Did I feel any unpleasant, detoxifying symptoms while taking Lingzhi?

Cuteness and health: my dog with DXN Resihi Gano Powder
Cuteness and health: my dog with DXN Resihi Gano Powder

Lingzhi is the Chinese name for Ganoderma.

No, I didn’t feel anything uncomfortable. I feel especially good, I am full of energy.

Neither my head nor any other part of my body hurts.

I didn’t feel dizzy, didn’t vomit, my belly was okay, I didn’t have diarhhoea, and I didn’t have an increased urge to urinate.

The aforementioned symptoms may occur in some people with weaker bodies full of accumulated toxins during detoxification.

English teachers detox with DXN Reishi extract 🙂

What does DXN RG powder taste like?

Natural remedy in natural environment
Natural remedy in natural environment: DXN Reishi at Lillafüred waterfall, Miskolc, Hungary

Very bitter! In the case of DXN RG powder, I think only DXN Andro G capsule is more bitter when I open and taste the herb in it called andrographis paniculata, which makes up 100% of the capsule’s content.

Of course, I don’t take either Ganoderma or Andro G because of their taste, but because of their effects.

DXN RG, even though I grimace sometimes in my video after drinking the “cocktail”, isn’t so uncomfortably bitter for me because I’m used to it already.

DXN RG is slightly more bitter than DXN Reishi Mushroom Powder that I consume on a daily basis.

It is also known as Reishilium Powder, which is the optimal blend of DXN RG and DXN GL at 40/60%.

DXN RG and GL (Ganocelium) are commonly consumed in normal health condition, slightly more GL than RG, as reflected in the RG / GL composition ratio of DXN Reishi Mushroom Powder.

Skateboarders over 40 choose DXN Ganoderma 🙂

Is it worth taking a Megadose of Ganoderma?

Handstand and DXN Reishi Megadose
Did DXN Reishi-effect turn me upside-down? 🙂

Yes, I can definitely say so.

The more, the better: the better I move forward in the phases of Ganotherapy.

The final phase of Ganotherapy is renewal and rebuilding the body at the cellular level after the body has been detoxified and rebalanced.

Megadose, on the other hand, also means mega-money to an average person.

According to the advice of professionals, I also strongly recommend regular, smaller doses.

It is especially important at the beginning of taking Ganoderma, as the body needs to get used to the toxins purging out of it and our organs starting to function properly.

All of this is necessary so that no one feels bad from detoxification.

Got ‘high’ to drink my DXN Ganoderma Megadose 🙂
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