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My first DXN Ganoderma coffee experience

What was my first experience with DXN Ganoderma coffee?

My first DXN Ganoderma coffee experience after having to quit drinking ‘regular’ coffee

My first DXN Ganoderma coffee experience came to me as a pleasant surprise after having to stop consuming regular coffee: I felt no heartburn and my blood pressure didn’t jump in the sky. I will explain this later, but first let’a have a look at the effect of ‘regular coffee’ on me.

How did I feel after drinking coffee without Ganoderma? Why did I have to stop?

Most of the time after drinking ‘regular coffee’ – here I mean coffee without Ganoderma medicinal mushroom – I was kinda ‘nervous’. My heart was pumping like crazy. I was sweating, talking really fast and I felt dizzy. Once I made a mistake of drinking some coffee (without Ganoderma) before riding my BMX Flatland bike. From doing sports my heartbeat-rate became so high that I had to sit down on the court and rest, because I felt that if I kept on practising my BMX trick, I would end up with a stroke.

No matter how big sweet tooth I have and how much I wanted to enjoy the boost from caffeine, I had to realize my body with high blood pressure was not built for the earthly delights of coffee.

I definitely recommend DXN Zhi Mocha to those who have a sweet tooth and want to experience alkaline coffee.

DXN Zhi Mocha, this delicious cocoa-coffee was the subject of my first DXN Ganoderma coffee experience.

How did I meet mushroom coffee?

My first DXN Ganoderma coffee experience was not just about products. It was also about the very much likeable, quiet, even a but shy manner of the man who told me about healthy coffee. It was totally the opposite I have experienced and heard so far about the methods of Multi-level Marketing, one of the most hated professions on Planet Earth.

I was into a different kind of MLM business before DXN. My colleague saw me all the time packing the products aroung at my workplace for those who ordered for me. He told me, in a quiet manner one would use to say: ‘What time is it?’ or other everyday things, that he is also in Network Marketing business. I started asking him about it, and when he told me that the business is about a special coffee, I became very excited! I loved the taste of coffee, and would gladly taste one that does not mess around with my blood pressure and heart!

He always referred to his website, which I started visiting every day for information.

I found it interesting what I read about Ganoderma and alkaline coffee (healthy coffee) on my sponsor’s website, which placed coffee drinking rather convincingly in a different light than I previously used to think and experience.

What was the first type of DXN coffee I tried?

He gave me a satchet of DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3in1 and DXN Zhi Mocha and I tried them at home immediately. To be honest, I did not wait a lot between drinking these wonderful beverages. I was very curious about both how they tasted and what their effects were.

Here is how I drink DXN Zhi Mocha. It is not about my first cup, I took on the habit of making videos a few years later:

What was my first DXN Ganoderma coffee experience like? Did I feel anything extraordinary?

As I have read that DXN coffee is very special because of the medicinal mushroom extract in it, I thought I would feel something extraordinary, that something would happen if I drink them, LOL! It was a bit foolish from me to think about it in such a way.

I did not get any superhuman powers, did not grow wings and fly to the moon.

I felt freshness, cheerfulness and calmness at the same time as feeling more energetic, and – here is the thing – all of this without feeling unpleasant pumping of my heart, without any rise in my blood pressure (that used to be high anyway) and no stomach acidity!

Did I feel sorry about not getting those superhero-powers? Not at all! Ganoderma coffee compensated me for it! 🙂

What is my experience with DXN Healthy Coffee on the long run?

A month has passed since the first cup , and now I have consumed my first a box of Ganoderma coffee.

I tried all the varieties, and since I have a sweet tooth, I had 3 favourites in the beginning (now there are much more): DXN Zhi Mocha, DXN Maca Vita Café and DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1. Lingzhi Black Coffee may make 3 or 4 European coffee doses per sachet for some people, it is  pretty strong, yet smooth in taste.

I’m cool, calm, and even cheerful several hours later after consumption – although that’s what my real nature is like anyway. I haven’t even once experienced palpitations, nervousness, and sudden lightheadedness after sipping DXN coffee.

I took up the habit of Ganoderma coffee-drinking before doing sports

In the morning about half an hour before sports (I ride BMX Flatland – you know, ‘kid’s bike’ haha) I can feel free to consume a cup or two, beacuse it doesn’t make my heart pump aggressively. My muscles are much more springy and I am not so stiff when I wake up. Before my DXN coffee consumption-era my morning awakenings were also accompanied  with a hurting back many times. Now it is history.

I sleep deep, so I do not wake up to snack (well, okay, sometimes yes, but it  occurs less and less).

Now I drink about 5-6 cups of DXN coffee a day, the last one before going out to walk my dogs on a bike at 10 P.M.

This is how we roll, my pack of dogs and I, in the residential area we live in:

The original date of this blog post was 6th December, 2013 on my previous website. This is the re-edited, better version.