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Pineapple enzyme drink with Cordyceps: how DXN Cordypine healed my indigestion

Pineapples and  mushrooms do mix

Pineapple is one of my favourite fruits. But how on earth can someone mix them with (medicinal) mushrooms? Do not think of anything like a dish. I will tell you about a pineapple drink with a medicinal mushroom extract that has a weird name.

I got to know that pineapple contains a wonderful enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme does magic in itself, but DXN company decided to boost its effect. DXN Cordypine was born. Bromelain pineapple enzyme was mixed with Chinese caterpillar fungus in a delicious drink.

This is how I drink a bottle of DXN Cordypine at once (it is mixed with water):

DXN Cordypine drink: The King of Enzymes

In this blog section you can read about my personal experience with DXN Cordypine. It’s a delicous fermented pineapple enzyme drink with Cordyceps medicinal mushroom extract. DXN Cordypine is also called ’The Protector’ and ‘The King of Enzymes‘. Among many other benefits, it enhances the functions of the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive system.

DXN Cordypine might have a different effect on us, but positive outcome is guaranteed

I am not saying that it has the same effect on everyone. It worked for me exactly as I describe bellow. I also try to be law-abiding and not to say that DXN products have therapeutic effect and they heal. But if I told the opposite, I would be lying, and I’d never do that. The truth is what I experience on my body and health condition, and I feel great. Okay, not let’s get on with my short story.

The touch of flu epidemic: nausea, headache, whirling stomach

Although I am not the type that gets sick easily, I must have picked up some virus at work last Friday. There was a flu epidemic in Hungary that time, and its ’wind’ struck me a bit, too. From about 9 a.m., as my colleagues told me, I looked a bit strange. I felt my stomach whirling and had a headache as well. I felt a bit of nausea, but I did not feel as if I had to vomit. “I will get better“, I told myself, “I always do.

A nice bottle of DXN Cordypine pineapple enzyme drink with Cordyceps medicinal mushroom extract

Looks like I am about to drink ‘shots,’ LOL! DXN Cordypine is not an alcoholic beverage.


Warm weather front and the most effective detoxification 

Weather started to get warm too quick, and I used to be sensitive to warm and double front. I tried to sleep it off at home, but it did not help. I drank a cup of Ganoderma coffee, as it always helps my headache. Then it helped in a different manner.

The detoxifying effect of Ganoderma medicinal mushroom took place in the quickest and most effective way: I visited the toilet and disgorged what I had to, but I still felt miserable. I was just lying around, could not even finish an email.

“I can’t allow myself the ’luxury’ of getting sick”

I had had enough. I went to the kitchen and took out my new-found favourite, DXN Cordyine from the fridge. I mixed 2 centiliters of it with a glass of water. I took 2 tablets of DXN Lion’s Mane and 2 tablets of DXN Spirulina and chewed them. Then I drank the the delicious liquid made from fermented pineapple juice and Chinese caterpillar mushroom (Cordyceps sinensis). I could not and still can not allow myself the ’luxury’ of being sick, as my dogs depend on me. Noone else takes care of them. So I had to get back on my feet again, as the final walk (actually bike-ride) of the day with my dogs was due soon.

This is how we roll in our neighbourhood. I use my bike as tool for effective exercise for my dogs: 

From feeling crappy to happy:

10 minutes later, at about 10 p.m. I dressed up. I did not feel sick, but even if I did so, the walk would also had to be done. It was time to go out and let my dogs move a bit and relieve themselves. We went down from the fourth floor in the elevator and stepped out in the dark night. I just concentrated on the environment in the public street lights. No mistakes allowed when I go out with 3 dogs. They are the cleverest beings on Earth, but I also have to pay attention to those who are careless.

Okay, so far, so good. No nausea, no headache. We walked about 20 meters to my garage. I opened one door and rolled out my bicycle. It was when I got on my mountain bike (this is how we walk with my dogs) when the ’miracle’ happened. Suddenly the effect of bromelain enzyme of the pineapple and Cordyceps extract kicked in. I said aloud joyfully: “Man, I feel sooo good!

I did not feel even a tiny bit like I had been useless before the whole day long. All my nauseating headache and indigestion were history. My dogs and I rolled out to the night feeling fit and happy.

Prevention before the escalation of illness

I can still hardly believe that it only took ten minutes for Cordypine, (with some Lion’s Mane and Spirulina) to cure me out of my misery. Why had not I taken them earlier? Nevermind, I have learnt from this: now, if I feel any sign of illness or discomfort, I take DXN products, preferably in a bigger dosis at once. It is similar to disciplining dogs, it is important to interfere in misbehavious before the situation escalates. “Prevention instead of cure,” remember? 😉

Does DXN pineapple enzyme drink taste good?

You bet, it is one of the best drinks I have ever tasted. The taste of DXN Cordypine does not contain any alcohol, but it still reminds me of Hungary’s most popular and most delicious wine, Tokaji Aszú. To be honest, I have not drunk any alcohol for about 15 years, but I could associate the taste and color of DXN Cordypine a bit to Tokaji Aszú.
When my budget as a teacher allows me, I drink 2 cl of DXN Cordypine mixed with a glass of water in the morning and in the evening. When I feel it is necessary, I enhance my dose of Ganoderma, Spirulina and Cordyceps (Chinese caterpillar fungus) and drink another glass of this divine juice. So far it has been effective for me, along with daily exercise ever since my teenager age.

How much is enough from this pineapple enzyme-juice?

Our Ganotherapy experts advise that it is not the quantity of DXN products taken that counts. It is more important to take them regularly on a daily basis.

My goal with DXN business is also to be able to take more DXN products every day and also be able to supply my parents and family with them.

This story is the reedited version of the one I published on my previouse website titled ’How DXN Cordypine healed my indigestion’ on 14th March, 2015.