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DXN Apple Enzyme Drink

100 + enzymes, delicious, healthy… any questions? 🙂

Love for the first taste – another delicious and healthy DXN product among my favorites


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Why do I choose the DXN apple enzyme drink?

We could rightly ask the question, why would it be worth buying the much more expensive DXN Apple Enzyme Drink if we have the opportunity to buy cheaper apple juice (and other juices) in stores than DXN apple juice?


Calisthenics hanging leg raises sideways variation

No, I am not trying to kick out the iron pillar 🙂

Why is the DXN apple enzyme drink more expensive than a simple apple juice?

DXN Apple Enzyme Drink is made from fermented apples, so it’s not just a simple juice. Apples are fermented for years in special metal tanks in Alor Setar, Malaysia, at the DXN Holdings Berhad site.

For this reason, DXN Apple Enzyme Drink contains more than a hundred kinds of valuable enzymes.


An ‘apple juice’ that is not only healthy but also divinely delicious


In addition to making the product healthy, one of the most important things is that the DXN Apple Enzyme Drink tastes amazing! You can also carry it in your pocket, and if you drink little water by default, with this delicacy, you are sure to help your body get the daily fluid intake it needs, because I think the delicacy is less forgotten to drink.



This is why people tend to forget to take supplements, but they would never miss their daily coffee – up to 4-5 cups. I also prefer to drink something delicious instead of or in addition to plain water.

Healthy delicacies’ business

Ganoderma coffee and other delicious DXN healthy drinks are also a great opportunity to build a business if you want to get more out of your life in terms of both the amount and quality of your free time and your finances.

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What makes DXN Apple Enzyme Drink so special?


High quality manufacturing process


At DXN Holdings Berhad, Apple Enzyme Drink is made with sophisticated technology and high-quality production processes.

One sachet of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink is 50 milliliters

I can easily take the DXN Apple Enzyme Drink with me with the practical sachet


High quality fermentation process


After years of separate storage of apples, the dominant bacterial strains provide a stable fermentation process.


Prolonged fermentation


Prolonged fermentation allows the continuous degradation of the beneficial ingredients through the dominant bacteria. The essence of apple fruit can thus be more easily absorbed by the body.

DXN Apple Enzyme Drink filled with Cordypine glass

It looks good, smells good and it’s healthy Not talking about me, but the drink 🙂


Automatic molding-packing machine


DXN Apple Enzyme Drink is packaged under high food safety conditions using a special machine. The machine shapes the sachets, fills the apple enzyme drink, seals the packages.

Instead of glass, we get this DXN product in a small sachet, which helps us easily take it with us anywhere, as it fits in a small space and we don’t have to worry about the glass breaking and being heavy.

Enzymes are amino acids, special biologically active compounds that are involved in many biochemical processes in our body.



Maintaining enzyme levels in the body


As pollution, stress and age progress, our natural enzyme levels continue to decline. DXN Apple Enzyme Drink is made from premium raw materials with a high level of quality assurance.

For DXN Apple Enzyme Drink, apples are fermented for a long time to make it easier for the valuable nutrients in apples to be absorbed by the human body.

Packaging:   15 x 50 milliliters per sachet   Preparation:   Mix one sachet (50 ml) of DXN Apple Enzyme Drink with 200 ml of water to taste. I like it sweeter, with less water.   Ingredients:   apple juice (50%), sugar