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Ganoderma cocoa for the lovers of healthy alkaline sweets
  • Ganoderma cocoa for the lovers of healthy alkaline sweets

Ganoderma cocoa for children and adults: DXN Cocozhi Megapack (1kg)

Ganoderma cocoa Megapack: a big dose of alkaline healthy sweets for children and adults.


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Ganoderma cocoa Megapack is very family friendly: you do not run out of it easily

Ganoderma cocoa from DXN company has the fantasy name called ‘Cocozhi’. It comes from combination of two words: cocoa and Lingzhi, the Chinese name of Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushroom. It is the finest cocoa drink with Reishi medicinal mushroom extract: Reishi is Japanese for Ganoderma. It has delicious chocolate taste. and fine cocoa aroma. Children can also enjoy the benefits of Ganoderma. The Megapack makes sure that the whole family can enjoy the healthy sweetness of DXN Cocozhi at home and the package size makes sure you do not run out of Ganoderma cocoa easily.

I can truly say DXN beverages are delicious. DXN products being yummy makes sure that the daily intake of Ganoderma is not forgotten. Taking capsules, tablets and powder-form supplementsDXN has all these – might slip our minds, but who would forget to drink a delicious coffee, cocoa or tea, right? 🙂

Ganoderma cocoa is for those who want to enjoy healthy sweets

As for me, I manage to run out of Cocozhi even with the 1-kilo Megapack, as I drink 2 or 3 portions at a time. Yes, I have a very big sweet tooth, as you will see in my personal product experience video of DXN Cocozhi Megapack here:


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