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DXN Cordyceps capsules: natural Viagra of the Himalayas without side effects.
  • DXN Cordyceps capsules: natural Viagra of the Himalayas without side effects.

DXN Cordyceps Capsules are natural mental and physical performance boosters

DXN Cordyceps capsules are natural physical and mental performance boosters without any side effects. Watch me take them in this part of my personal DXN product experience video series:


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Available packaging size: 450mg x 60 capsules

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DXN Cordyceps capsules: naturally increased vitality without side effects

DXN Cordyceps capsules are made from a precious medicinal mushroom known as Cordyceps sinensis (Chinese Caterpillar Mushroom). This fungus is found naturally in the highlands of China, Tibet and Nepal. Now it is cultivated under stringent quality control and testing at the Malaysian DXN Farm and Factory, which in spirit of DXN company‘s ’One Dragon’ philosophy controls production from cultivation to finished goods.

DXN Cordyceps capsules vitalize sexually, mentally and physically without any side effects.

DXN Cordyceps capsules are grown on rice husk. Despite the strange name Chinese caterpillar fungus, which reflect how the mushrooms are born in their natural environment, the ‘Himalayan Viagra’ is free from animal ingredients.

How do I benefit from taking DXN Cordyceps capsules?

DXN Cordyceps capsules are extremely beneficial for the respiratory and circulatory system and also enhance mental and physical strength. Chinese Caterpillar Mushroom is also called ’Viagra of the Himalayas’ dut to its sexual function improving effect for both genders.

Who can take DXN Cordyceps capsules?

It is suitable for all ages except infants. DXN Cordyceps capsules can also be taken by vegans, as they are free from any animal-related ingredients. Do not be fooled by the bizarre name: no caterpillars or butterflies are involved in any part of the cultivation process. The medicinal mushroom filling of the capsules are grown on rice husk. Read some interesting facts about the origins of Cordyceps here.

How many DXN Cordyceps capsules should one take?

Consume 1-3 DXN Cordyceps capsules per day in case of normal health condition and lifestyle. Drink plenty of water as well, just in case of other medicinal mushroom products. This ensure better absorption and more effective detoxification as well.


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Ingredients: 100% Cordyceps sinensis, capsule material: hypromellose NIFNS: 4429/2009