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DXN Ganoderma-palm oil is a delicious edible alkalizing and rejuvenating natural virgin oil.
  • DXN Ganoderma-palm oil is a delicious edible alkalizing and rejuvenating natural virgin oil.

Ganoderma-palm oil: DXN Gano Massage Oil

DXN Gano Massage Oil: Ganoderma-palm oil that alkalizes and balances digestion. It  is not only for body massage, it tastes delicious as well.


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Ganoderma-palm oil is also edible and delicious

Ganoderma-palm oil is a product of DXN company.  DXN Gano Massage Oil is remarkable sensual all-natural blend of palm oil with Lingzhi medicinal mushroom extract. DXN Ganoderma Massage Oil is a brand new way to vivify my body both internally and externally. It is great for massage to soothe muscles, joint and the skin. And there is more: it is edible, as it is virgin palm-oil and with the Reishi extract in it!

This is the second version of my DXN Gano Massage Oil video, also with my dogs:

How does Ganoderma-palm oil taste? Can I eat DXN Gano Massage Oil?

Me and my dogs can tell from our own personal experience that DXN Ganoderma-palm oil tastes delicious and yes, it is edible.

Is Ganoderma-palm oil good for me if I have irritable skin?

Yes, it is. Ganoderma-palm oil is suitable for all skin types, as Ganoderma lucidum does not have any side effects.

DXN Ganoderma-palm oil is both for massage and eating.

DXN Ganoderma-palm oil is delicious. My dogs and I can prove it! 🙂

If I take Ganoderma-palm oil, does it have the same effect if I took Ganoderma capsules?

The short answer is yes, but if someone wants Ganotherapy treatment to be more effective, it is advised to take DXN RG and GL powder or capsules too.

A miracle story about Ganoderma-palm oil:

I know this is the part where people say that it is fraud, but I write it down anyway, and you can decide after studying information about Ganoderma whether you believe it or not. (It is in one of my videos uploaded to my Ganotherapy YouTube playlist.)

I heard from DXN company founder dr. Lim that he had a patient, who had a tumor in her stomach. Unfortunately this lady did not have any money to buy DXN RG and GL capsules, so she only ate DXN Gano Massage Oil every day. Guess what? Her stomach tumor dissapeared after a while!


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