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Ganoderma shower gel: DXN Ganozhi Body Foam
  • Ganoderma shower gel: DXN Ganozhi Body Foam

Ganoderma shower gel: DXN Ganozhi Body Foam

Ganoderma shower gel, DXN Ganozhi Body Foam maintains optimal skin PH balance. It’s special because it contains the King of Herbs:


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Content of the box: 250ml


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Ganoderma shower gel for optimal skin PH balance

Ganoderma shower gel from DXN company pleases the body with a mild cleansing body foam that is enriched with Lingzhi mushroom extract. It lathers up in the bathtub leaving the skin feeling naturally clean without removing the skin’s natural oil. This way leaving the skin keeps its natural softness and smoothness.

DXN ventures deeper into cosmetics and personal care industry hand in hand with Sintok Agro Sdn. Bhd.:
Majlis menandatangani antara Sintok Agro Sdn BHD dan DXN Holdings BHD

The Memorandum of Agreement between DXN Holdings Bhd. and Sintok Agro Sdn Bhd is to help the sustanence of Agroforestry in Kedah and the promotion of Herbalogy courses at local universities.

What skin types is DXN Ganoderma shower gel suitable for?

DXN Ganozhi Body Foam is a personal care product suitable for all skin types.

What does Ganozhi mean?

DXN uses the fantasy name Ganozhi for its personal care product-family. It is made up of mixing the first and last syllables of Ganoderma and Lingzhi. Along with Reishi, these are names of Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushroom, the King of Herbs used for more than 4000 years by Traditional Chinese Medicine practicioners.

I want to use Ganoderma for bathing, but I do not like shower gels. Is there an alterantive instead of DXN Ganozhi Body foam?

Yes, there is: Ganoderma soap. I also use DXN Ganozhi Soap more often for bathing than shower gel. The soap also has Lingzhi extract in it, so my skin can enjoy the external benefits of Ganoderma mushroom.


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Ingredients: Ganoderma Lucidum, hydoxy ethyl cellulose, tocopherol acetate, fragrance, water, betaine, sodium lauryl ether sulphate, DEA cocamide, lanolin, glycerin, NIFNS: 1156/2009