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Ganoderma shampoo with hair follicle-nourishing organic DXN Lingzhi medicinal mushroom extract.
  • Ganoderma shampoo with hair follicle-nourishing organic DXN Lingzhi medicinal mushroom extract.

Ganoderma shampoo against baldness: DXN Ganozhi Shampoo

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Content of the box: 250ml

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Ganoderma shampoo nourishes hair follicles and facilitates hair-growth

Ganoderma shampoo innovated by DXN company is a special invigorating shampoo containing Reishi medicinal mushroom extract and vitamin B5 to refresh your hair and leave it glossy soft.

Is Ganoderma shampoo suitable for greasy hair?

Yes, it is suitable for all hair types, thanks to its Lingzhi medicinal mushroom extract that is a natural PH-balancer.

MoA between DXN and Sindok Agro

DXN Holdings BHD is now in cooperation with Sindok Agro SDN BHD to help Agroforestry and herbal care courses at local universities.

What are the benefits of Ganoderma shampoo?

DXN Ganozhi Ganoderma shampoo nourishes hair follicles, helps growing hair and removes dandruff. It is a shampoo and conditioner at the same time. It makes the hair glossy, shiny, silky and soft. The hair is more managable after washing it with Lingzhi shampoo: it can be combed easier without the pain of pulling hair, which is a very well-known nuisance among women.

One of the most authentical people in the field of Ganotherapy is Dato’ dr. Lim Siow Jin, Ganoderma researcher, DXN company founder and CEO. Here are his thought on the benefits of Ganoderma and Spirulina in this video:

Is there another alternative to Ganoderma-hairwash beside DXN Ganoderma shampoo?

Yes, there is. As I am a male with mostly short-cut hair, I use Ganoderma soap to wash my hair. My upline sponsor’s sister with beautiful long blong hair also uses DXN Ganozhi Soap for hairwash, so hair-length is no problem.

It is only up to someone’s personal preference which product she or he uses for bathing and hairwash: Ganoderma soap, Ganoderma shampoo or Ganoderma shower gel.

DXN Ganoderma shampoo is also an approved product of National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science (NIFNS)



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Ingredients: Ganoderma Lucidum, water, betaine, Cocamide DEA, lanolin, glycerin, hydroxy ethyl cellulose, panthenol, fragrance, sodyum lauryl ether sulphate,. For all hairtypes NIFNS: 3015/2008