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Ganocelium extract for body cell rejuvenation from DXN, the Ganoderma company.
  • Ganocelium extract for body cell rejuvenation from DXN, the Ganoderma company.

Ganocelium extract for maintaining youthfulness: DXN GL Powder

Ganocelium extract for body cell rejuvenation: DXN GL Powder.


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Available packaging size: 30g powder/ bottle GL

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Ganocelium extract helps to maintain youthfulness

Ganocelium extract is the 100% active substance of the Mycelium of Ganoderma lucidum, which is harvested when it is 14-days old.

Ganocelium extract of DXN Ganoderma medicinal mushroom has body cell rejuvenating effect. DXN GL is a strong alkalizing rebalancer and a mild detoxifier. The content of DXN GL capsules and powder is the same. The capsule come in 30, 90 and 360-piece packs.

Ganocelium extract capsules and powder from DXN company

Ganocelium extract products from DXN come in 30, 90 and 360-piece capsule packs and powder form as well.

DXN company manufactures all its healthcare products in Alor Setar, Malaysia in its ISO and Good GMP certified factory. Lingzhi (means Ganoderma in Chinese) researcher, company founder and CEO Dato’ dr. Lim Siow Jin continuously works on product development. The cultivation process of Ganoderma and Spirulinathe company’s two core products -beside the very popular DXN Healthy Coffee –  takes place in a unique environment with special methods also patented by dr. Lim and DXN.

Ganocelium extract also benefits pregnant women and breast feeding mothers:

How much DXN Ganocelium extract powder should I consume?

DXN GL Powder comes with a measuring spoon that is about as big as a teaspoon. In case of normal health condition one spoon – about 5 grams – of Ganocelium powder is advised to take with plenty of water. The product box says 2 dl, but I say drink as much water as you can while still feeling comfortable. This helps the detoxification process to be more effective.

What are the health benefits of DXN Ganocelium extract?

In one sentence, I would say that the health benefit of DXN GL extract is overall rejuvenation, I know you want to know more, so you may consider reading my short blog entries in the product descriptions of DXN GL capsules. Last, but not least, my favourite Ganoderma presentation from dr. Lim will shed light on many interesting facts about the King of Herbs:

How does DXN Ganocelium extract taste?

Surprisingly, when I first tasted DXN GL Powder, I did not feel any bitter or bad taste, like I expected. Ganocelium extract tastes fine for me, although it does not have any real taste of any food that I could compare it to. It is very-very slightly sweet to me, if I had to chose one flavour. As opposed to RG Powder, which is very bitter, DXN GL is very pleasant to be sucking on in itself or rinsing it with a bit of water. I rinse my mouth with RG and GL Powder all the time when I take them, so that Ganoderma can act right away in my mouth cavity on my gums and dentils.

Ganocelium extract eating and portioning

Ganocelium extract tastes fine. It is very slightly sweet, almost neutral.



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