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DXN alkaline Ganoderma black coffee for heartburn and reflux.
  • DXN alkaline Ganoderma black coffee for heartburn and reflux.

Ganoderma black coffee: DXN Linghzi Black Coffee Megapack (400g)

Ganoderma black coffee does the job. Farewell to heartburn, reflux and high or low blood pressure!


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Ganoderma black coffee for reflux, heartburn and blood pressure problems

Ganoderma black coffee is made from instant Arabica coffee from Brazil and Reishi medicinal mushroom extract. DXN Linghzi Black Coffee is sugar free and it is best for home consumption.

How do I portion the Megapack version DXN Ganoderma black coffee?

The ‘regular’ package of DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee contains 14 grams of healthy coffee. A cup of this type of Ganoderma coffee therefore is 3 teaspoons, as 1 teaspoon equals about 5 grams.

DXN Ganoderma Black Coffee in Megapack version for home usage

Those who prefer measuring their daily healthy coffee doses with a spoon find the Megapack version of Ganoderma Black Coffee (DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee) a nice solution for home usage.

Can I mix Ganoderma black coffee with cocoa and other coffees?

Yes, of course! I suggest mixing only with DXN coffees, as they are alkaline.

If someone mixes Ganoderma coffee with ‘regular’ coffee (coffee without Ganoderma), it reduces the alkaline effect of the medicinal mushroom, and hence it is not so effective. But I would not worry about anyone using other coffees, as someone who has drunk a box of DXN coffee is not very likely to revert back to regular coffee.

Ganoderma black coffee is also great to mix with other DXN coffees and DXN Cocozhi (Ganoderma cocoa) as well. It is really up to your personal taste. My parents mix Ganoderma black coffee with DXN Cream Coffee. It is also sugarfree, as they try to limit their sugar intake.

Here is my personal DXN product experience video about how I prepare Ganoderma black coffee at home:


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