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DXN Maca Lepidium meyenii coffee, the natural alkaline stamina booster
  • DXN Maca Lepidium meyenii coffee, the natural alkaline stamina booster

Maca Lepidium meyenii coffee from DXN

DXN Maca Lepidium meyenii coffee is my helper in mental and physical stamina.


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Packaging Size: 20 sachets x 21g

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Maca Lepidium meyenii coffee: female and male stamina booster

Maca Lepidium meyenii coffee is an invigorating alkaline coffee adjusted to the taste of the European market. DXN Maca EuCafé contains instant coffee powder, non-dairy cream, cane sugar and Peruvian ginseng(Maca, Lepidium meyenii) herb.

The special aroma of Peruvian Maca Lepidium meyenii coffee

This smooth, pleasant 3-in 1 taste alkaline coffee from DXN has a special aroma (similar to DXN Maca Vita Café) I have never experienced before. When I drank my first mug of it, I felt an at first strange taste that I have never experienced before. It was because of the Peruvian ginseng extract. By strange taste I mean absolutely positively a delicious taste, of course. It was only strange because it was yet unexperienced.

I always add when I talk about this coffee that its strange aroma might not fit everyone’s taste. My colleague told me that despite my presentation she found DXN Maca EuCafé the best among all the Ganoderma coffees of DXN, even better than Zhi Mocha or Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1! Since then I am not afraid to tell anyone about the strange but uniquely delicious aroma of Maca Lepidium meyenii coffee! 🙂

Peruvian Maca soothes women-problems

I heard from my other colleague whose favourite DXN Maca EuCafé is, that it is very good in those ‘red letter days’ of the month when women suffer from menstruation. Peruvian Maca has a soothing effect for ‘women-problems’.

This is how I prepare and enjoy this wonderful DXN coffee:


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Ingredients: vegetable creamer, cane sugar, instant coffee powder, Maca ( Lepidium meyenii) 0,15 %.
Nutrient content
 Avg. nutritional values in 100 gr product  in 21 gr product
Energy 449,0 kca 94,3 kcal
Carbohydrate 78,0 g 16,4 g
Fat 13,4 g 2,8 g
Protein 4,1 g 0,9 g