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DXN Nutrizhi is a nutritive alkalizing Ganoderma soy fitness drink.
  • DXN Nutrizhi is a nutritive alkalizing Ganoderma soy fitness drink.

Ganoderma soy fitness drink: DXN NutriZhi for alkalizing and rebalancing

Nutritive alkalizing Ganoderma soy fitness drink: DXN Nutrizhi. (Watch my video bellow)


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Packaging Size: 20 sachets x 30g

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Ganoderma soy fitness drink: alkalizing healthy shake for lovers of sweets

DXN Nutrizhi, as its name suggests is a nutritive alkalizing Ganoderma soy fitness drink. The name comes from nutrition and Lingzhi, which is the Chinese name of Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushroom.

Alkalizing Ganoderma soy fitness drink: DXN NutriZhi

DXN NutriZhi wellness drink made from Ganoderma extract, malt and soy beans.

What does this Ganoderma soy fitness drink taste like?

In case of body building and fitness shakes I have heard and experienced that they do not always taste so fine, no matter their other health benefits. I have good news: DXN NutriZhi is delicious, so no need to worry about unpleasant raw egg-like aftertaste. To me it has a bit of a vanilla aroma, although none is added to it.

What is the dosage of DXN NutriZhi?

I prepare it adding one sachet of this Ganoderma soy fitness drink to about 2 deciliters of water. Both hot and cold are fine, depending on my mood and the season.

How should I prepare this alkaline wellness drink?

There are two ways I consume it:

DXN NutroZhi served hot:

If I want to drink it hot, I use a simple mug or glass. It looks more yummy in a transparent glass. I simply stir it until the instant drink powder is dissolved in water.

DXN NutriZhi served cold:

If I want a cold shake, especially in spring and summer, I find it easier to make the drink powder dissolve if I use a simple plastic bottle with a wider ‘mouth’ or shaker. About 10 seconds of shaking does the trick. I also prepare Ganoderma coffee and cocoa this way, especially if I am not at home. All I need is a plastic bottle with a bigger opening so that I can pour DXN coffee and DXN CocoZhi in it comfortable without spilling any, and some water. Simply and great, and it is awesome that I can bring my ice coffee or NutriZhi with me anywhere, like with mineral water, for example.

DXN company uses only the finest ingredients

For my demanding, in a good sense choosy friends I have good news: as always, strict quality comes first in case of this Ganoderma soy fitness drink as well. This nutritious drink from DXN is manufactured using premium quality soybeans, malt and 100% organic Ganoderma mycelium extracts.

Gourmands and sweet lovers will fall in love with creamy NutriZhi™ soy drink with delicious malt aroma. I have already did, my personal products video here is the proof 🙂


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How to consume: Just add 1 sachet of NutriZhi to 150ml boiled water, stir and enjoy for better health and vitality together with children and members of the family. Ingredients: Ganoderma mycelium powder, Instant Soya Bean Powder, Malt Extract, Non Dairy Creamer, Cane Sugar,  Omega 3, Omega 6 and Lecitin. Keep in cool and dry place!
Nutritional value in 100 g in 30g (1 sachet)
Energy 432 kcal 130 kcal
Protein 11,5 g 3,45g
Fat 12 g 3,6 g
Colester 0 g 0 g