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Red Reishi extract from DXN: the king of detoxifiers, the alkaline wonder-herb.
  • Red Reishi extract from DXN: the king of detoxifiers, the alkaline wonder-herb.

Red Reishi extract: DXN RG Powder for our toxin-free bodies

Red Reishi extract: DXN RG powder from the King of Herbs, Ganoderma medicinal mushroom. My experience with DXN RG and GL Powder:


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Red Reishi extract from Ganoderma: the King of Detoxifiers

Red Reishi extract from DXN Ganoderma company is a medicinal mushroom product that is harvested from a 90-day old Lingzhi mushroom.

(note: Reishi and Lingzhi are Japanese and Chinese words meaning Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushroom.)

Red Reish extract is the active ingredient of the 90-day-old Ganoderma medicinal mushroom.

Red Reish extract from DXN, the Ganoderma company.

Is DXN Red Reishi extract an organic product?

Yes, it is. DXN produces Red Reishi extract in its own Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified factory in Alor Setar, Malaysia. The mushrooms are grown on rice husk to avoid any possible conteminants from the soil, despite the rural, toxin-free environment of DXN Ganoderma farm. DXN uses its own machines developed by dr. Lim Siow Jin, Ganoderma expert and founder/CEO of the company. We use a special centrifuge for Spore Separation Method to gain the active ingredients out of Ganoderma. So, not the whole mushrooms are grinded down and sold. No. The Reishi products that our customers take in their hands contain only the pure active ingredients of Ganoderma.

Is Red Reishi extract in a powder form the same as DXN RG capsules?

Red Reishi extract in a powder form is the same as the capsules and has exactly the same effects like DXN RG 360, DXN RG 90 and DXN RG 30 Ganoderma capsules. I have given descriptions of DXN RG capsules in their product pages with presentation videos in each section. Please click on the product names and you can read them.

How much DXN RG Powder should I take?

Very little in the beginning, if we do not want to experience the possible strong and unpleasant symptoms of detoxification (- NOT side effects!). To understand why, we should know about the effect of DXN RG Powder and how it works.:

DXN RG: ‘The Scanner

DXN RG Powder is the same as DXN RG capsules, so it is a very harsh detoxifier. This Red Reishi extract is also called ‘The Scanner‘, as it scans the body up and down in each little segment until it finds the parts that need to be rebalanced.

DXN RG: ‘The Punisher

Then Ganoderma pushes the toxins out of the system. That is why RG is also called ‘The Punisher‘: the strong detoxification process might feel like a punishment, not only for the toxins that are expelled from the body, but for the person too, who is taking this product. Low dosage in the beginning prevents the feeling of being ‘punished’ by the symptoms of detoxification.

What symptoms of detoxification should I expect when I take Ganoderma?

Depending on the health condition, the symptoms of detoxification can be nausea, weakness, dizziness, diarrhoea, and vomiting. This does not sound too good, right? Do not worry, these unpleasant feelings can all be prevented!

This is why I advise to take RG moderately in the beginning until we know how it effects us. Who would want to feel bad from taking a product, no matter how great the health benefits are, right? Ganoderma does good to our bodies, and detoxification does not have to be an unpleasant procedure.

I have a very sensitive body. Is there another alternative to prevent unpleasant detox symptoms?

I truly understand those who want to avoid headaches and all the other unpleasant symptoms of Ganotherapy. I am also sensitive to weather changes and when I have a headache, it can drive me nuts.

This is why I suggest the following to those of you who have above-the-average sensitivity to detoxification:

Drink Ganoderma coffee of take DXN GL Powder of capsules first.

I started my journey with DXN products with DXN healthy coffee specialties, followed by DXN GL Powder.

Why did I start with Lingzhi Coffee?

One of my reasons for drinking Lingzhi Coffee first was of course my sweet tooth. I have always loved coffee, but the regular type made me feel unpleasant because of my high-blood pressure and stomach acidity. When I heard that Ganoderma extract in DXN coffees takes care of these problems, I was more than happy to experiment on my self. Guess what? My blood pressure is fine now and I always start my day drinking a mug of DXN coffee on an empty stomach as it is alkaline!

Why did I start taking DXN GL Powder first?

I have to be honest with you here. The reason I started with Ganocelium powder was not because I knew a lot about Ganoderma. It was because of me being a penny-pincher and wanted to buy the cheapest DXN product possible.

Family habits of being economical

Saving money everywhere I can is a family tradition, to some extent a not so good one, but I am happy for this heritage coming from my grandma and grandpa. My parents and I would not have the things we have if they did not try to save money everywhere they could.

So I compared the prices of DXN Ganoderma products and calculated, that DXN GL powder was the cheapest of all. I only saw that it is Ganoderma, did not really care about it being RG or GL or Reishi Mushroom powder. I am not proud of this, but I do not want to lie to you. My ignorance turned out to be helpful, though, in the end:

Taking DXN Ganocelium extract saved my from the possible inconveniences of detoxification.

I have never detoxed my body before. I started taking DXN prodcuts when I was about 36 years old. Because of this, I do not know whether I am sensitive to purging toxins out of my body or not. Luckily my guardian angel helped me: as I started my Ganoderma treatment with Ganocelium, I did not experience any unpleasant detoxification symtoms at all!

DXN Ganocelium rebuild the body

DXN Ganocelium is more of a balancer and builder than a detoxifier. Even though it also detoxes, it does it in a very mild way. Reish Gano (RG, Red Reishi extract) also has rebalancing and rebuilding effect, but it is more of a cleanser.

This is me taking DXN Reishi Mushroom Powder. I prefer taking this product as it is an ideal mixture of RG/GL for normal everyday use:


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100% Mycelium Ganoderma lucidum Available packaging size: 15g powder/ bottle RG