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Ganoderma personal care products kit: a useful travel companion.
  • Ganoderma personal care products kit: a useful travel companion.

Ganoderma personal care for the road: DXN Toiletries Travel Kit

DXN Toiletries Travel Kit has useful Ganoderma personal care products in one handy box. The King of Herbs is with you on the road too:


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Each kit contains:
– Ganozhi Shampoo 50ml,
– Ganozhi Body Foam 50ml;
– Ganozhi Toothpaste 40g.


Each DXN Toiletries Travel Kit comes in a very practical, easy-to-open sturdy plastic bag.

Be happy and free today with such a convenient quality DXN travel kit!


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Ganoderma personal care products that we all need when we travel

Ganoderma personal care travel kit from DXN company contains useful products in handy packaging. DXN Toiletries Travel Kit a satisfies toiletry necessities during travels.

What is inside DXN Tolietries Travel Kit?

This Ganoderma personal care products kit is a useful travel companion. It has Ganoderma toothpaste, Lingzhi shampoo and Reishi shower gel in smaller tubes than the regular ones.:

Each DXN Ganoderma personal care kit contains 1 piece of the following products:
– Ganozhi Shampoo (50ml)
– Ganozhi Body Foam (50ml)
– Ganozhi Toothpaste (40g)

DXN CEO Dato' dr. Lim Siow Jin was awarded with a Doctorate in Philosophy (Alternative Medicines) by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.

dr. Lim’s Doctorate in Philosophy (Alternative Medicines), acknowledging his efforts in Ganoderma research to improve health status of people of all nations.

What if I get irritated from Ganoderma personal care products during travelling?

Trust me, you will not. Ganoderma medicinal mushroom does not have any side effect. All the above listed DXN products can be applied to all skin and hair types. DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste is even good for foot smell, headache, insect bites, which can happen when we are on vacation.

A good piece of advice if you want to take Ganoderma supplements during vacation:

Do not experiment during vacation if you have never taken DXN Ganoderma extracts before.

Neither DXN RG, nor DXN GL has any side effects, but please consider the following:

If you also take DXN Ganoderma capsules or powder during travelling, please start your Ganotherapy treatment a few weeks before startin a journey. This ensures that some possible symptoms of detoxification will not catch you off guard. You can get used to Ganoderma before going on holiday, so that one very unpleasant symptom, diarrhoea can be avoided if you realize that DXN RG causes you this reaction. Having diarrhoea from taking Ganoderma extract will not necessarily happen to everyone, it is just a good piece of advice from me. My father has this reaction sometimes from Ganoderma coffee as well.


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