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Ganoderma coffee candy for occasions when you can not make a good cup of healthy coffee
  • Ganoderma coffee candy for occasions when you can not make a good cup of healthy coffee

Ganoderma coffee candy: DXN Zhi Ca Plus – healthy energy everywhere

DXN Zhi Ca Plus, the Ganoderma coffee candy is your friend when you can not drink coffee but need fresh, healthy energy.


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Packaging size: 10 sachets x 9.5g

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Ganoderma coffee candy your pocket-sized companion everywhere

Ganoderma coffee candy from DXN company is named Zhi Ca Plus. Zhi comes from Lingzhi, the Chinese name of Ganoderma lucidum medicinal mushroom. Ca is short for caffeinated candy. It is a delicious aromatic coffee candy specialized for consumers who don not want to consume white granulated sugar. This tasty little candy contains cane sugar, just like all other DXN healthy coffee specialties.

DXN Zhi Ca Plus, the Ganoderma coffee candy is made from selected premium quality Brazilian Arabica coffee beans with 100% bio Ganoderma extract. Zhi Ca pleases your sweet tooth whilst making you feel energized.

Ganoderma coffee candy: the alkaline energizing sweetness

Ganoderma coffee candy is perfect for situations when I can’t make myself a good cup of healthy coffee.

Does Ganoderma coffee candy have the same effect as Ganoderma coffee?

Yes, it does, but one candy does not equal one portion of DXN coffee. To be honest, I tried to calculate how many pieces of Ganoderma coffee candy equals one cup of DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1, but I got confused. Yes, I sure am not a Math-genius, ha-ha! Anyway, according to my own experience, about 3 pieces of Ganoderma coffee candy does the same work as a dose of Ganoderma coffee. Luckily, as the candy contains the King of Herbs too, it also has alkaline effect, does not cause any heartburn and regulates both low and high blood pressure.

Ganoderma coffee candy: when you feel like a coffee, but can’t drink one

I think Ganoderma coffee candy is invented for those ’emergency’ situations, when you want a really-really want to drink a nice mug of delicious coffee, but you are in a place or situation when you simply do not have time and place to brew one, or it would be impolite or inappropriate. Yet you still need some caffeine to get you through the after lunch food coma. Maybe your life and safety depends on your coffee, as you are driving and start to feel droozy (stop your car then, don’t take chances).

This is the perfect time to reach into your pocket or bag. Grab a packet of DXN Zhi Ca Plus and put some Gano coffee sweets in your mouth. I also call Ganoderma coffee candy the ‘driving candy’, as have a packet in my car too. Its delicious taste makes the journey – or commuting – sweet and helps me focus more on the traffic. No need to worry about getting nervous from it, like from traditional coffee, that does not have added Ganoderma. This healthy coffee-candy keeps my body and blood pressure balanced, I never experience any unpleasant heart pumping from it.

This is one of my Street Workout Calisthenics trainings and the reward after the exercises:


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Ingredients: coffee extract, Ganoderma extract, milk powder, cane sugar, vegetable cream, magnesium stearate.
Nutrient content
in 100 g product in 1 g product
Energy 431 kcal 4 kcal
Carbohydrate 82,0 g 0,82 g
Fat 10,2 g 0,10 g
Protein 2,9 g 0,0 g