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How does sugar impact our energy level?

Various types and sources of sugar all influence our energy level differently

Let’s examine some of its natural sources:


Man has been consuming honey since ancient times. The traces of this can be seen in the Spanish Cuevas de la Araña (Spider caves) cave drawings found 12 thousand years ago . Honey produced from flowers is full of cosmic energies, thanks to the diligent work of bees.

Honey makes thoughts fly in cosmic heights

Honey is full of cosmic energies and makes thoughts fly.

Honey has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. I can say that honey is a healthy, especially if it comes from traditional bee farming.

Honey gained from the flowers make our thoughts fly in cosmic heights.

Cane sugar

Native to southern parts of Asia, cane sugar appeared at the time of Alexander the Great. It is rich in trace elements obtained from plant stems without refining. The cleaned cane is squeezed, and from the resulting liquor, the granulate is produced with steam. Because of the above productions method and the natural form of the cane, the sugar of the cane includes both terrestrial and cosmic energies. It is beneficial for the cardiovascular, circulatory and respiratory system.

Cane sugar is a healthier form of sugar because sugar cane's roots are in the ground but the plant reaches to the sky as well.

Cane sugar includes terrestrial and cosmic energy and it is beneficial for the cardiovascular, circulatory and respiratory system.

Beet sugar (crystal / white sugar)

The addition of sucrose appeared during the reign of Napoleon.

White sugar is extracted from either sugarcane or sugar beets. To remove moisture, the juice from sthe plants is boiled down. As the moisture diminishes, the natural sucrose in the extracted juice begins to crystallize. Then the crystallized sugar is filtered from it.

Beet sugar contains only earthly energies, because it is extracted from the roots of the plant. Therefore, it makes thoughts tied to ground.

Sugar beet is the source of crystal sugar.

Sugar beet plant at Alicehead. Photo is property of Neil Theasby. Source: source: www.geograph.org.uk

Unfavourable effects of white sugar:

  • The consumption of processed foods containing white sugar can lead to vitamin B craving, unrest and anxiety. The body can not process excess calories, therefore it leads to obesity.
  • It makes the body acidic
  • It robs calcium and magnesium, thus adversely affecting the bones and nervous system.
  • It contains no fiber, so it is too bad for digestion, disrupts the ghiandola endocrina and hormones.
  • It is harmful to the skin, the hair and the eyes.
  • It makes children hyperactive and unmanageable.
  • In adults, it can cause stress and aggression, that eventually leads to fatigue and exhaustion.
  • When it is formed in our body from alcohol, it damages the liver.
Sugar cubes and candy in a bowl

Lump sugar is a very commonly used sweetener. Photo is property of Mike, Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ceasedesist/5005190162

Natural carbohydrates versus refined sugar:

While unrefined carbohydrates in their natural form develop human spirit, refined sugar increases egoism and selfishness.

Fruits, like bananas, are rich in natural carbohydrates

This tropical banana market is a great place to get fruits rich in natural carbohydrates. Photo source: https://www.maxpixel.net/Street-Fruits-Tropical-Banana-Market-Food-Fresh-1779695

What kind of sugar do DXN products contain?

I have good news: DXN Ganoderma medical mushroom coffee specialties and Ganoderma cocoa all contain cane sugar. 🙂

I drink DXN Ganoderma cocoa containing cane sugar at home in my kitchen

I love DXN Cocozhi, the instant cocoa with Ganoderma medicinal mushroom extract. It contains cane sugar.

The writing you read above is the re-edited version of my blog post on March 15, 2014 titled: ‘The impact of sugar on our energy’. It was originally on my former website, but it does not operate any more. For my blog entries click here.