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Stress tolerance with Ganoderma coffee: my DXN product experiences

Stress tolerance-level increased naturally:

A nice cup of healthy coffee for a heart-felt smile and happiness


My simple, delicious recipe for better stress tolerance and overall well-being

I have a simple tip about how to achieve a cheerful, healthy state of mind. There are many factors that help to enhance the level of stress tolerance. Good company of family and friends, my dogs, nature, healthy food, doing sports, a good movie, great music – I could go on an on about this for hours. My tip to improve my mood and stress tolerance is tiny enough to fit in a cup. This wonderful alkaline coffee helps me succeed – and sometimes survive – in my everyday life.

Why would I be stressed if I can drink delicious DXN Ganoderma coffee specialties? :)

My stress tolerance level is way better now thanks to Ganoderma coffee.


My job as a teacher puts my stress tolerance to the test every day

The moment I am writing this blog entry I am still a teacher of English language at the rural primary school of Hejőkeresztúr* in my homeland, Hungary. Even though I could not think of a better school to teach at than Béla IV Primary School in Hejőkeresztúr**, I’m still exposed to a lot of stressful situations in my work as a teacher. But who isn’t? All of us have to deal with stressful situations every day at work.

I try to alleviate stress with good humor and joking if the situation allows. Children put teachers to the test every minute. They need guidance in life an relationship with others. Doing my best to solve problems put my patience to test and it is tiring both mentally and physically too. My good friend in keeping fit is Lingzhi Coffee from DXN company.

*The name of the town Hejőkeresztúr could be translated to English as ‘The Lord’s cross at River Hejő’. **Béla IV was a Hungarian king who rebuilt the country after the Mongol invasion. He is often referred to as the ‘second founder of the state’.

Of course the life of teachers has many nice moments too. This is me with some pupils at the 2013. school sports day before the 2000-meter-running. Every pupil completed the circle in the town at their own tempo. I ran with them too. (Pictures are properties of Béla IV Primary School in Hejőkeresztúr)

My stress tolerance and sports performance is better from DXN Ganoderma coffee.

The pupils and me before the Hejőkeresztúr school running day.


Why is DXN Ganoderma coffee a great ‘tool’ for me to inhance my stress tolerance-level?

I will not go into scientific details about Ganoderma (Reishi/Lingzhi) medicinal mushroom. When I first came across this herb, I read that it is a blood pressure regulator and mood balancer. It is true, I have personal experience about this.

Ever since I drink DXN healthy coffee, I can much less be made upset, and I am more tolerant. My experiences are supported by one of the Ganoderma components, the triterpenoids‘ effects on the human body:

Triterpenoids reduce high blood pressure. Mine has always been a little high, but after DXN Ganoderma coffee it does not spin up roughly. They have calming effect on me and increase my stress tolerance.

I had sooner felt the impact than I read about it.  The key is that Linghzi mushroom improves my overall well-being.

DXN Reishi Gano (RG) and DXN Ganocelium (GL) capsules improved my level of stress tolerance

I take these Ganoderma medicinal mushroom capsules. These are DXN Reishi Gano (RG) and DXN Ganocelium (GL) capsules (the 360-piece bottle-version).


I enhance the benefits of Ganoderma coffee with taking some Ganoderma extracts

I am re-editing this blog entry after 3 years. Since my first cup of DXN coffee I am now taking Ganoderma (RG and GL) capsules and also DXN Reishi mushroom powder. I take minumum 10 pairs of DXN RG and GL capsules a day if my budget of my salary as a teacher allows me. The emphasis is not really on how much Ganoderma I take, it is more important to take some continuously every day. Of course the more Reishi I consume the better effect I will get and sooner. I will write about my experiences about Ganoderma extracts later on.

This writing about my experience about how Ganoderma coffee effects my stress tolerance is the re-edited and improved version of the original one from my previous website from 6th December 2013.