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DXN Basic Kit comes with new DXN membership registration
  • DXN Basic Kit comes with new DXN membership registration

DXN Basic Kit

DXN Basic Kit includes membership fee, info booklets and a DXN logo-sticker. The benefit is getting bonus even after own purchases.

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DXN Basic Kit comes with new DXN membership registration

DXN Basic Kit is a package that includes membership fee and info booklets: DXN information folder, DXN forms, DXN product brochures and DXN sticker. It does not contain any DXN products.

I suggest paying the one time DXN registration fee. It will soon be gained backed in the form of bonus:

The purchase of minimum of one product and payment the one time membership fee is needed to activate DXN registration to receive bonus after own product orders, This is very good for those people as well, who are not (yet) interested in business opportunity. Their DXN bonus can be subtracted from their future product orders to reduce the cost. This does not oblige anyone to engage in DXN MLM business. It is only an option.

DXN has significant certificates including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TGA

DXN Holdings Berhad (official name of the company) is the largest organic Ganoderma medicinal mushroom cultivator in the world with ISO 9001/14001 and TGA certificates.

DXN Basic Kit is only for new registering members.

If someone has a bit more money that will not be missing from the monthly budget of the family, in my opinion it is much better to register with one of the DXN Dynamic Start Program Kits.

DXN DSP kits also contain registration fee, DXN Basic Kit and products with 110-130-150% discount. DSP is only an option too, it is not compulsory either.

Will I get the 25% discount from my DXN products orders if I do not pay registration fee?

Yes, of course. DXN company offers free registration that entitles the new DXN member for the 25% discount from each and every DXN product purchase. The new member will not get bonus, though, which can reduce her or his cost further if she or he does not pay the registration fee. It is okay, too, there are many people who are very much satisfied with the 25% discount they get as a new DXN member. Paying the membership fee is possible any time in the future, if one changes her/his mind.

I am also in DXN business, because the healthy coffee is good, but products, including Ganoderma coffee, work without the business opportunity as well! 🙂


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