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DXN Business Kit for new DXN membership registration
  • DXN Business Kit for new DXN membership registration

DXN Business Kit for new DXN membership registration

DXN Business Kit with the advantages of DXN products and DXN MLM business.


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DXN Business Kit with Healthy Coffee, Ganoderma tea, Reishi mushroom capsules and Spirulina

DXN Business Kit contains registration fee, DXN Basic Kit  and DXN products as well. Its content might vary in different countries,

The original price of DXN Business Kit is 89,70 Euros. It is only the price of products that would have been purchased individually, so DXN Basic Kit and DXN membership registration is a bonus to this package.

DXN members on nice green grass forming the 3 letters of the name of the company

Great mood is an essential part of celebrations and events of DXN, the largest Ganoderma Network Marketing (MLM) company.

What does DXN Business Kit contain?

The content of DXN Business Kit is the following:

DXN Lingzhi Black Coffee – 1 pc,

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 – 1 pc

DXN Zhi Mocha – 1 pc

DXN Reishi Gano Tea – 1 pc

DXN RG 30 – 1 pc

DXN GL 30 – 1 pc

DXN Spirulina 120 – 2 pc

DXN Basic Kit with free registration 1 pc

Do I have any obligation if I join DXN with DXN Business Kit?

Absolutely not. I love DXN because there aren’t any constraints and expectations.

Is there a necessary monthly minimum order limit in DXN?

Luckily no, there isn’t. I order products when I run out of them, or when it is good for me. I order as many boxes of Ganoderma coffee or other goods as I need.

Do I have to keep a stock of products if I join with DXN Business Kit?

No, no. There is no need to keep a stock of products, therefore there is no need to invest in DXN Network Marketing business. Of course if someone wants to have some extra packs of products to sell or make people taste them, it is okay, but I strongly advise everyone not to spend money unnecessarily. One of the biggest problems people have with Multi-level Marketing business in general is that they, or their acquintances, the friends or relative of their acquintances lost money when they were engaged in MLM business.

Everyone has a reason why they start networking. DXN does its best to make this business that most people hate the least unconfortable to do.


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Lingzhi black coffee Lingzhi coffee 3in1 Reishi Gano Tea Zhi Mocha GL-30 RG-30 Spirulina 120 Basic kit (free)