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DXN Dynamic Start Program ''C1" kit: affordable and healthy
  • DXN Dynamic Start Program ''C1" kit: affordable and healthy

DXN Dynamic Start Program ”C1″ kit (DSP ”C1″ kit) with 110% discount

110% of the kit-price (up to 149.55 Euros) can be minused from DXN product purchases for 4 years up to 10 % of the amount in one order!

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DXN Dynamic Start Program ”C1″ kit:

An affordable Ganoderma product pack with 110% more products for its price

DXN Dynamic Start Program ”C1″ kit is the ‘little brother’ of DSP “C”kit. It’s the smallest and cheapest version of DXN DSP Starter kits. To tell the truth, if Dynamic Start Program existed when I joined DXN, I would have joined with DXN DSP ”C” or “C1” kit. Like every other DSP-pack, it is also a special starter kit. DXN Dynamic Start Program ”C1″ kit is worth another 110% of its price. Sounds good? Here is how it works.:

What is the gist of DXN Dynamic Start Program?

The essence of DXN DSP Program, taking DXN Dynamic Start Program ”C1″ kit as an examle,  is that it contains 110% discount up to 10% of the total price of future DXN products orders for 4 years, counting from the day of buying the kit.

This means that one has a virtual DSP account with 110% of the price of the DXN DSP “C” kit that can be used to minimize the cost of future purchases. I will explain this with numbers a bit later bellow.

Does buying DXN Dynamic Start Program ”C1″ kit involve any obligations?

No, it does not, and neither does any other DSP kit. There are no obligatory monthly orders, order limits or autoship setting in DXN. I order products when I want to, when I run out of them and I do not need to keep a product stock if I do business too.

DXN Dynamic Start Program qit more than 100% discount up to 10% of future purchases

DXN Dynamic Start Program kits contain registration fee, starter kit and different variety of DXN products like Ganoderma coffees, Reishi extract, Spirulina, medicinal mushrooms, Lingzhi tootpaste and Ganoderma soap

Is DXN Dynamic Start Program “C” kit really free?

No, it isn’t, one has to pay for it, but an amount bigger than its price can be used to reduce the cost of future purchases.

Based on the above-written, I could say that in a way “C1” kit is practically free, but this would be just partly true. The last thing I wanna do is to mislead anyone by saying things about DXN products and business that are to good to be true. There is no free stuff and quick’n’easy money here.

So, while I would not cheat anyone by saying that DXN Dynamic Start Program ”C1″ kit or any other DSP kits are free, there is a great thing here:

One can buy further products from the price of the goods she or he has already paid for.

Is it getting clearer? One pays for products she or he uses and can buy even more products for the 110% value of the kit-price! I hope I could make the benefit of DXN Dynamic Start Program understandable. If you still have questions, I am happy to answer.

Is DXN DSP Program and exclusive opportunity?

Defintitely YES. Only DXN offers such an opportunity. I can not name any shop or MLM company that offers such unique benefits. The best thing is that no Network Marketing business needs to be done if someone ‘only’ wants to become a product user. Most people hate Multi-level Marketing anyway, so we do not make it obligatory. It would be silly, right? If I go to buy some yoghurt, rice, fruits and vegetables to a local hypermarket, that does not mean they will tell me to work there! 😀

DXN business is only an option. Product benefits and DSP kits are free to enjoy without working with DXN Holdings Berhad (full, official name of the company).

Yes, it is gorgeous, I know. 🙂

How can I use DXN Dynamic Start Program discount?

Here is an example for using one’s virtual DXN DSP account:

Let’s say I order my dose of DXN products for 100 Euros*, for eaiser calculation.

I have a DSP account of 149,55 Euros: the price of the kit plus 50% more: 99.70 Euros + 49,85 Euros. I can reduce the cost of my purchase with 10% of the 100 Euros. The amount of the discount is 10 Euros, so I pay 90 Euros instead of 100. I can do this until my DSP account of 149,55 Euros runs out or until 4 years (starting from the date of the purchase of DXN Dynamic Start Program ”C1″ kit).

*This is about 32 000 Hungarian forints (HUF), I always order products to be at least this price because in my country, Hungary, there is free courier cost above 30 000 HUF.

Are there more ways to reduce the cost of my DXN products orders?

With Dynamic Start Program, there are now 2 ways to reduce the price of one’s DXN products purchases:

  1. The regular bonus calculated from DXN’s basic marketing plan, or
  2. DXN Dynamic Start Program bonus (DSP bonus).


What kind of products does DXN Dynamic Start Program ”C1″ kit include?

Here is the list of products in DXN Dynamic Start Program ”C1″ kit:

DXN Reishi Gano Tea – 1 pc

DXN RG 90 – 1 pc

DXN GL 90 – 1 pc

DXN Spirulina 120 – 1 pc

DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste 4 x 40 grams– 1 pc

DXN Basic Kit with free registration 1pc

Do I have to pay membership fee when I buy DSP ”C1″ kit?

No, you don’t! I have one more great news: the price of DXN Dynamic Start Program ”C1″ kit contains membership fee too! 🙂


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Reishi Gano Tea - 1 pc GL 90 - 1 pc RG 90 - 1 pc Spirulina tablets 120s - 1 pc Ganozhi tooth paste (set 4 x 40 g) - 1 pc Basic Kit (Free)