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Noni capsules from DXN Holdings Berhad
  • Noni capsules from DXN Holdings Berhad
  • DXN Mengkudu capsules and the powder of noni inside
  • A capsule of DXN Mengkudu
  • This is the best anti-ageing fruit in the world

DXN Mengkudu Capsules

Morinda Citrifolia, the fruit of rejuvenation


Noni is a tropical and subtropical plant that grows ont he Pacific Islands. Traditionally it has been a healthy drink for indigenous people.

Morinda Citrifolia is the best natural anti-ageing plant. Noni juice and DXN Morinzhi is here now in capsule form!


Packaging size:

Each bottle: 350mg x 30 capsules
Each bottle: 350mg x 90 capsules


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Morinda Citrifolia, the tropical treasure


Noni fruit is a tropical fruit that is widely found in Southeast Asia and Australasia. It is also known as Indian Mulberry and many names by different countries in the tropical countries. Noni’s components make DXN Mengkudu Capsules one of the best whole foods/food supplements we can take to maintain a healthy body and mind regardless of age.


Xeronin, the enzyme activator


According to researcher and biochemist Dr. Ralph Heinicke, the alkaloid inside Noni fruit called Xeronine works to allow the body to activate enzymes.

DXN Mengkudu capsule has noni powder in it

I took apart a DXN Mengkudu capsule

Rich in Potassium


Potassium is one of the essential macrominerals that are essential for the human body to function properly. Potassium preserves bone mineral density, lowers blood pressure, dicreases the risk of stroke, protects agains loss of muscle mass and reduces the formation of kidney stones. Potassium also regulates fluid balance and controls electrical activity of the heart and other muscles.

DXN Mengkudu noni fruit capsules against ageing

A natural key to long-term youth

Morinda Citrifolia is also rich in Vitamin C, Biotin, and folate. These vitamins help the body to convert food into energy, keep your nervous system, eyes, liver, skin and hair healty and maintain good metabolism.


Traditionally the whole noni plant is used to treat a variety of diseases.

(DXN Mengkudu capsule has Morinda citrifolia (noni) powder inside. This is the best anti-ageing fruit in the world)