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Colon cleansing gently with herb & mushroom mix DXN MycoVeggie.
  • Colon cleansing gently with herb & mushroom mix DXN MycoVeggie.

Colon cleansing and weight loss with DXN MycoVeggie EU herb mixture

Colon cleansing has never been more comfortable than with DXN MycoVeggie Eu. I drink it this way:


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Colon cleansing can be done in a gentle way too

DXN MycoVeggie is a high fiber food supplement carefully prepared from the finest all-natural ingredients. It is a special mixture of psyllium, herbs, mushrooms, vegetables, tea and spices. Find out more about this colon cleansing product in a more professional way here on my website,

Colon cleansing smootly with DXN MycoVeggie herbal mixture

Colon cleansing does not need to feel unpleasant. I drink DXN MycoVeggie before meals to clean my tracts so that food can travel smoothly.

What does DXN MycoVeggie contain for colon cleansing?

DXN MycoVeggie is not just useful for colon cleansing, it also has a high nutritional value. It contains Spirulina, mulberry leaf, noni leaf, green tea, vegetables, various mushrooms, ginkgo leaf, fruits, herbs and a selection of spices.

DXN MycoVeggie offers a painless solution for cleansing and detoxifying the colon.

No pain, more gain: colon cleansing is enjoyable with DXN MycoVeggie.

DXN MycoVeggie helps you to fill your stomach with less calories

MycoVeggie has high soluble and insoluble high quality fiber content and it is low in fat. It is both sugar-and cholesterol-free making this fine product an essential part of a weight-loss diet. Do not expect any magic, though! First thing is to achieve the health of the digestive tracts. Taking this DXN product will not make you drop tens of kilos quickly (unfortunately). It is neither a body building supplement, I just pose in the picture above for fun 🙂

MycoVeggie from DXN company is a food supplement powder from  selected vegetables, fruits and mushrooms. Look, how I recycled its plastic bottles at the end of my Street Workout video:

How should I take DXN MycoVeggie?

I drink it daily about 30 minutes before meals (scroll up to see my personal product experience video) . I just mix 1 scoop (5 g) of DXN MycoVeggie EU into a glass of cold or warm water and consume it at once.

Does this colon cleanser herb-mix taste bad?

I thought that this green powder would taste horrible, but its taste was a pleasant surprise: even though it is not something delicious, it has a nice herbal taste. I did not feel nausea, I did not shiver after drinking it as I would expect. DXN MycoVeggie is not a product to taste and gargalize in your mouth for a long time, though. It should be drunk in a short time, because the fibers suck in water quickly and for the best effect I should not wait: I drink it right away after mixing it.

The importance of colon cleansing

It can also be mixed with juices of your choice, but to me this is not the point. This colon cleanser makes a tidy way for the food to travel unhindered in our tracts. Check out my favourite Ayurveda professor’s presentation on the importance of colon cleansing and DXN MycoVeggie here:


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Spirulina platensis 3,49%, Hericium erinaceus 4,65%, Plantago psyllium 23,26 %, Apium graveolens 8,14%, Morus microphylla 8,14%, Ginkgo biloba 8,14%, Zingiber officinale 4,65%, Cymbopogon citratus 4,65%, Lentinula edodes 4,65%, Lyophyllum decastes 4,65%, Calocybe gambosa 4,65%, Pleurotus pulmonaris 4,65%, Zea mays 3,49%, Citrus aurantifolia 3,49%, Citrus sinensis 3,49% Camellia sinensis 3,49% Pericarpium Citrus reticulatae 0,58% Cinnamomum zeylanicum 0,58% Illicium verum 0,58% Eugenia caryophyllus 0,58%