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Reishi Gano capsules: DXN RG 360-piece medicinal mushroom capsules for strong, effective detoxification
  • Reishi Gano capsules: DXN RG 360-piece medicinal mushroom capsules for strong, effective detoxification

Reishi Gano capsules: DXN RG 360, the King of Detoxifiers

Reishi Gano capsules (‘The Scanner‘/’The Punisher‘) are strong detoxifiers. They scan the body for imbalance and purge toxins out.

Here is all you need to know about Ganoderma.:


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360 capsules x 270mg

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Reishi Gano capsules scan the body for toxins and purge them

Reishi Gano capsules (RG) are formulated from Ganoderma lucidum powder harvested from a 90-day old Red Reishi medicinal mushroom. It is cultivated in an organic accredited farm by DXN company in Alor Setar, Malaysia.

I present you DXN Ganocelium and Reishi Gano capsules in my home video here:

What is the effect of Reishi Gano capsules?

Purging the body from toxins. Reishi Gano capsules have a very strong detoxifying effect, stronger than that of Ganocelium, which acts more in a re-balancing way.

How many Reishi Gano capsules should I take?

Due to the above mentioned strong detoxifying effect of RG, it is advised to start with a smaller dosage like one capsule a day. If no unpleasant symptoms (dizziness, nausea, headache, vomiting, diarrhoea) are experienced, the dosage can be increased. DXN Ganoderma has a ‘magic formula’ for dosage. It is 1-2-4-6. This means 1 capsule every day for a week, than 2 capsules every day for the second week. In the third week 4 capsules, in the fourth week 6 capsules should be taken. This dosage is relevant for people with bodies in a normal health condition. In case of serious sickness or disease the dosage is increased, often to Mega-dosis.

What is Mega-dosis of Ganoderma?

Mega-dosis in terms of Ganoderma consumption means that if I someone is comes down with an illness, or has a permanent severe health condition. In these cases dozens of Ganoderma capsules are advised to be taken on a daily basis.

Let me give you a personal experience with Lingzhi from my life:

As I still work as an English teacher in a rural primary school, I am a subject to viruses due to the number of children I am in contact with. In 2018 February I caught something like a flue. I was weak, felt dizzy and head a headache. I took 30 pairs of DXN RG and GL first, followed by 40 pairs divided to 4 further 10-pair-doses. Next day I felt good as new again. I did not feel any symptoms of detoxification, my body simply got rebalanced from DXN GL (Ganocelium) and Reishi Gano capsules. I usually take about 10 pairs of RG-GL a day, so the 70 pairs was a Mega-dosis for me.

Reishi Gano capsules re-balance my body

Reishi Gano capsules detoxify the human body.

Is the capsule form of DXN Ganoderma the same as the powder form?

Yes, it is. We have RG and GL in powder form, and also the mixture of the two called DXN Reishi Mushroom powder. The reason for DXN producing both Ganoderma capsules and powder is that some people prefer the capsule, others the powder form.

How much does one piece of RG capsule weigh?

It weighs exactly 270mg, while GL weighs 450mg.

Remember: take Reishi Gano capsules in smaller dosage at first! The symtoms of detoxification might be harsh for some people. Please note that I wrote ‘symptoms’ intentionally, as these are not side effects. Ganoderma is free of any side effects.


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 Ingredient :  - 100% Ganoderma lucidum (Fruit body) Consumption: first week, 1 capsule daily, 2-3 capsules per day next week. Ingredients: 100% Ganoderma lucidum Capsule shell: hypromellose NIFNS: 4427/2009