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DXN Noni Juice Megadose Therapy made my knee pain go away

My DXN Morinzhi product experience

Noni juice truly works! DXN Morinda citrifolia drink made my knee pain go away. I believe we also need to see the full picture, so read on.

Noni juice and smiling future DXN Crown Ambassador
You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy Morinzhi, and it is very close 🙂

What is Morinzhi?

DXN Morinzhi is a noni fruit juice made from morinda citrifolia fruit and a bit of hibiscus sabdariffa (roselle) by DXN Holdings Berhad (official name of DXN company). 

I had been drinking a big, 700-milliliter bottle of DXN Morinzhi for 10 consecutive days. I call this

Megadose Therapy.

What can cause knee pain?

Please read my writing considering that I am not an Ayurveda or Ganotherapy expert. I am just talking about my own life experience while consuming a Megadose of DXN Morinzhi.

Video version of my Morinzhi blog on YouTube:

What did I feel after the DXN noni juice therapy?

I ’blame’ the following factors for causing my knee pain:

Skateboarding over 40: I might have overstrained my knee, especially with a certain trick, the shove-it.

Skateboarding over 40 logo of my Facebook page
Skateboarding over 40 logo of my Facebook page

Lack of warm up and stretching:

Shove it skate trcik practice by DXN products distributor

It’s better to land sk8 tricks when a bottle of Morinzhi is the reward 🙂

I have probably not been warming up enough and not stretching enough. To be honest, I am not sure if it is the case, as I am stretching during my skate sessions, and also warm up and start with easier tricks.

Some extra pounds : I am beatiful on a bigger surface (LOL), as I have 10 extra kilograms on my body (meanwhile I’ve managed to lose some)

Summer, bushes, flowers and noni juice

Summer, bushes, flowers and noni juice

Self-torture: I have been stressing myself by blaming my body of being stiffer, especially my knees, that I am not in my good-old-shape as in my teens and twenties. I know that it is self pity and just an excuse, because there are many examples of sportspeople in their fifties and sixties still shredding and looking awesome.

Sports wear off the body too. I have been doing sports for about 30 consecutive years, starting with aerobics at home when I was 13. I also do not accept this, referring to ’oldtimers’ still being awesome in their sports.

Previous basketball injury: about 20 years ago I had sprained my other knee in a streetball game. It took me a long time to recover mentally, as I was afraid to jump from that leg of mine because of the very unpleasant memory of the sudden, unexpected pain when I landed badly from a shot. I had been putting more weight and stress on my healthier knee for a long time, and this might also have effected my knee to be sore and swollen.

Some emotional issues that go around in every persons head can also take their revenge on our bodies. I constantly have to keep reminding myself to keep my thoughts positive and accepting what I can not change at the moment, and especially not think of anything else than skateboarding while I am skateboarding.

How did DXN morinda citrifolia juice heal my knee pain?

Why do I say that DXN noni juice is responsible for rehabilitating my hurting knee?

The only special thing I did during those two weeks of kneepain was drinking 700 mililiters of DXN Morinzhi for 10 days. This is my conclusion and DXN product experience. I base this on the fact that noni has traditionally been used because of its anti-inflammatory effect too. My knee definitely had some kind of inflammation, as it was swollen and I could hardly bend it.

Briefly, after about the fifth day of DXN Morinzhi Noni Juice Megadose Therapy, my swollen knee was able to bend more. The swelling reduced and I was able to squat down further. After the 10th day of megadosing Morinzhi, and two days of pause from skateboarding my knee pain was gone.

Take a step back

Unfortunately I did not take a 2-day-break from skating because of being wise. I did because of bad rainy weather. At this point, I can say that the universe sometimes knows what is best for us, because my knee might not have gotten better that quick if I kep skateboarding. Oh, did I mention that no matter that I was not able to squat down on my knee, I still kept skating? You should definitely not copy this from me. Sometimes it is better to take a step back, contemplate just to be able to get back in the game stronger, with a bigger momentum.

About back pain, stress and staying focused:

Skateboarding also requires staying focused

Does Morinzhi taste good?

Definitely! DXN Morinzhi did not only helped me with my knee pain, but it also gave me many sweet moments due to its delicious taste! 😊 My dogs also approve of this! 😊

Is DXN Morinzhi expensive?

I know that refreshments can be bought in supermarket for the friction of the price of a bottle of DXN noni juice, saying that those are drinks too. DXN Morinzhi can not be mentioned on the same page with any other fruit juices. Today’s company-independent scientist say that morinda citrifolia has the best anti-ageing effect in the world, beside having tons of other benefits. If I also consider that Morinzhi cured my knee pain, I say that it is worth its price. Needless to say that all DXN products are produced under the strictest qualtiy control. Regardless of DXN business opportunity, I suggest that everyone should try Morinzhi at distributor price.