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DXN Spirulina can be the healthiest companion of our daily nutrition.
  • DXN Spirulina can be the healthiest companion of our daily nutrition.

DXN Spirulina tablet 120: the nutrient-richest alkaline superfood on Earth

DXN Spirulina is the nutrient-richest superfood on Earth. I like to chew it, I think it has great taste:


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Available packaging size: 120 tablets x 250mg

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DXN Spirulina boosts the functions of our internal organs

DXN Spirulina tablets come in 120 and 500 piece bottles. The smaller package allows you to take health benefits of DXN Spirulina with you in your bag to your everyday routine.

DXN Spirulina Cereal contains Spirulina alga superfood powder.

DXN Ganoderma powder and DXN Spirulina alga tablets contain all nutrients our body needs.

Why is DXN Spirulina special?

DXN company has the largest organic Ganoderma and Spirulina farm in Alor Setar, Malaysia. The climate and the sunshine all-year-round provides this special green algae the best circumstances to grow. The company and its founder, dr. Lim has achieved a lot of international recognition, certificates and awards, including ISO 14001, ISO 9001, GMP and HALAL to DXN Spirulina and Ganoderma farm and to all the company, the products and the management as well.

How many DXN Spirulina tablets should I eat?

The consumption of DXN Spirulina is not limited, as it has no side-effects, just like Ganoderma. We usually recommend 6 tablets a day in case of a normal health condition.

Who should be careful with taking DXN Spirulina?

People with thyroid problems. Let me explain: Spirulina algae boosts the functions of our organs. In case of underactive thyroid functions, it would be unpleasant to experience the sudden well-functioning of thyroids, as the patient is not used to it. We surely want to prevent any unpleasant feelings, so it is advised to take DXN Spirulina tablets in a small quantity first. When no unpleasant symptoms are experienced because of the thyroid functions starting to get normalized , the dosage can be gradually raised.

This great presentation from my favourite Ayurveda expert lets us know more about the history and health benefits of Spirulina:

How should I eat DXN Spirulina tablets?

Shortly: chew, swallow or mix. Let me divulge a bit:

As you have seen in my personal product experience video with DXN Spirulina above, I like to chew the tablets. It has one small disadvantage: in my case it sticks a bit in between my teeth and leaves my dentils coloured green. Before goind to work or anywhere, I suggest swallowing the Spiru tabs with plenty of water.

Beside chewing and swallowing DXN Spirulina tablets, we can be as creative as we want to be. Spirulina can also be used to bake cakes, can be put into soup also in powder form or mixed with rice, pasta, you name it. I am also a fan of DXN Spirulina Cereal, which is a great healthy fast-food to take with me anywhere.


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100% organic Spirulina platensis, Excipients.
Spirulina platensis 97, 7% 1465,5mg
Talc 1,0% 15,00mg
Calcium carbonat 0,8% 12,00mg
Acacia 0,5% 7,50mg