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DXN Linghzi Coffee 3 in 1 – health conscious sweet-toothed coffee lovers’ choice

DXN Linghzi Coffee 3 in 1 is a delicous alkaline instant coffee with Brazilian Arabica coffee, Ganoderma extract, cane sugar and non-dairy creamer.

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Product Description

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 – a must for health conscious sweet-toothed coffee lovers 

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 is a special blend of the finest quality coffee beans and 100% organic Reishi extract without any artificial colourings, preservatives and flavorings. Enjoy the taste of smooth Ganoderma coffee 3 in 1 to your health every day. Perfect for lovers of sweet healthy coffee.

DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 is the most popular alkaline healthy coffee specialty

Along with the pure black coffee with Ganoderma, this 3in1-flavor alkaline coffee leads the sales of DXN product purchases. It is my all-time-favourite as well, I simply can not get enough of it. Scroll down to watch me prepare this wonderful stomach- and heart-friendly alkaline coffee.

I prepare DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 with hot water here on my YouTube video:

Here I make DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1 using cold water:

I simply can not get tired of drinking DXN Lingzhi Coffee 3 in 1. It has such a remarkable taste. This Ganoderma coffee specialty energizes and enhances my mood. It makes me even more cheerful.


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Usage: Pour the contents of the sachet into a cup, add hot water and stir. Ingredients: cane sugar, vegetable cream, instant coffee and Ganoderma extract.
Nutrient content
in 100 gr product  in 21 gr product
Energy 452 kcal 95 kcal
Carbohydrate 76,4 g 16,0 g
Fat 13,9 g 2,9 g
Protein 5,4 g 1,1 g