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Fermented pineapple enzyme drink for mental and physical stamina and good digestion.
  • Fermented pineapple enzyme drink for mental and physical stamina and good digestion.

Fermented pineapple enzyme drink with Chinese caterpillar fungus extact: DXN Cordypine

DXN Cordypine balances the digestive and respiratory system. It contains Cordyceps medicinal mushroom extract, a natural immune system fortifier without any side effects.


I show you the preparation of this delicious Pineapple enzyme drink in my home video:


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Packaging size:
– 285ml per bottle
– 700ml per bottle

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Fermented pineapple enzyme drink from DXN company is called Cordypine. The name of this alkaline drink comes from the words Cordyceps and pineapple. This healthy fruit juice contains quality Cordyceps Sinensis (Chinese caterpillar medicinal mushroom) and naturally fermented pineapple juice, this way working synergically with Cordyceps for enhanced mental and physical stamina results for excellent performance both for professional athletes and every day people. Cordyceps mushroom is also know as the ‘Himalayan Viagra‘ due to its sexual performance boosting effect.

My personal experience with DXN Cordypine

The following might sound strange, but this wonderful alkalizing and energizing enzyme drink healed my indigestion in no time! You can read more about how DXN Cordypine healed my indigestion here.

Does DXN’s fermented pineapple enzyme drink with Chinese caterpillar fungus extact contain animal ingredients?

Very good question, it was the first that I asked when I heard the name of the mushroom. I have great news: This fermented enzyme drink is free from any animal-related ingredients.

This fermented pineapple enzyme drink with DXN Cordyceps medicinal mushroom extract (Chinese caterpillar fungus) is a 100% vegan product. No need to worry about the bizarre name of the mushroom. Although it is naturally a parasite of caterpillars, today it is grown on rice husk and has no relation to any living being.

Fermented pineapple enzyme drink with Chinese caterpillar fungus extract

Delicious alkaline enzyme drink from DXN made from Cordyceps extract and pineapple.

Does Cordypine taste fine?

Yes, it sure does! It is sweet and has no sour taste as fermentation might suggest. When I hear the word ‘fermented‘, I always think of sauerkraut or a kefir type we call ‘Caucasian kefir‘ in Hungary. In case of DXN’s fermented pineapple enzyme drink the hint to fermentation process might be misleading at first, but after I have tasted this drink, I fell in love with it. I could compare it to a very special, world famous top-notch qualtity Hungarian wine specialty, Tokaji Aszúeszencia, which is a very sweet, dense dessert wine. In my opinion DXN Cordypine has similar colour, density and a bit similar taste without any alcoholic overtaste.

What is the portioning of DXN Cordypine?

Prepare it with 1 part Cordypine and 9 parts of water. 20ml Cordypine plus 180ml water.

My practical advise: I use an empty 700ml Cordypine bottle and pour about one thumb Cordypine to the bottom first and then fill the rest of the bottle up with water. I use tap water, but mineral water is also fine of course. I prefer the noncarbonated type when it comes to drinking this awesome fermented pineapple enzyme drink.

It is best consumed with added water. Do not get me wrong, it has a devine-deliciuos taste in itself dense, but to be a bit more economical, the description on the box of the product and me too suggest diluting it with water.

Cordypine® is indeed your smart choice for life. Here I show you a not-too-everyday type of consumption. This is my personal product experience video with DXN Morinzhi and DXN Cordypine. No need to drink it like I do here, I did this for fun and to win the Morinzhi Video Challenge. :


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Ingredients: Pineapple juice, cane sugar, cordyceps sinensis and lime.
 Nutrient Content  In100 g product
Energy 201.00kcal
Total fat 0,10g
Cholesterol 0,00 mg
Sodium 7.00 mg
Total Carbohydrate 50.00g
Dietary Fiber 3.40g
Sugar 38.83g
Protein 11.20mg
Calcium 7.00 mg
Vitamin C 0.70mg