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DXN Ganoderma cocoa is an alkaline hot chocolate specialty
  • DXN Ganoderma cocoa is an alkaline hot chocolate specialty

Ganoderma cocoa for health conscious sweet-toothed: DXN Cocozhi

Here is the great choice if you do not want to give up sweets and want to ensure your daily intake of Lingzhi mushroom.


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Alkaline healthy hot chocolate drink: DXN Ganoderma cocoa 

Ganoderma cocoa from DXN is the excellent choice as sweets for the healthy children! DXN Cocozhi is a charming cocoa drink mixed with pure Reishi medicinal mushroom extract. The chocolate taste of the finest cocoa with Ganoderma even reduces the craving for other sweets, so it cna be useful part of a healthy diet. The whole family can enjoy DXN Cocozhi simply by just using hot water added to the instant powder.

DXN Ganoderma cocoa is my solution for the craving of sweets late at night

I am a night owl due to my obligation of walking my dogs at night. I often get hungry after coming home from the dog-walk and feeding them. I often surrender to the temptation to having sweets late at night as well. I know this is not a very good habit because I have a tendency to put on weight easily.

I do not let myself fooled: no matter DXN Cocozhi is healthy due to its Reishi content, it still contains sugar. It is cane sugar, though, like in all DXN healthy coffees, and it is healthier than white sugar, but in the end it also contributes to putting on weight.

Why do I still drink DXN Cocozhi if it contains sugar and I put on weight easily?

The answer is simple: drinking a mug of Ganoderma cocoa is better than eating a bar of chocolate, cakes or ice-cream, even though I still mix the above sometimes, ha-ha. I found out that completely restraining myself from all sweets does not work for me on the long run, so it is better to have DXN Cocozhi than to jump in the fridge for other delicacies. Of course having no junkfood at home is the best solution.

This is how I prepare DXN Cocozhi, my favourite alkaline Ganoderma hot chocolate drink:


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Ingredients: Cocoa, Lingzhi extract cream, cane sugar, milk powder, malt extract, and approved flavoring (vanilla).
Nutrient content
in 100 gr product  in 4,5 gr product
Energy 403,5 kcal 129,1 kcal
Carbohydrate 71,9 g 23,0 g
Fat 8,8 g 2,8 g
Protein 7,3 g 2,3 g
Potassium 620,0 mg 198,4 mg
Calcium 490,0 mg 156,8 mg
Phosphorus 330,0 mg 105,6 mg
Sodium 150,0 mg 48,0 mg
Vitamin C 59,1 mg 18,9 mg
Vitamin B3 17,3 mg 5,5 mg
Cholesterol 14,0 mg 4,5 mg
Iron 6,0 mg 1,9 mg