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Cleansing the bowel painlessly and naturally with DXN MycoVeggie herb mixture

MycoVeggie before meal makes the toxins disappear!

Don’t worry, before entering into Hip-hop Freestyle Battle, I stop rhyming and start sharing my DXN products experience with you. 🙂

As you noticed, the number of videos multiply on my YouTube channel, Facebook group and Facebook page. I decided to show you how I consume DXN products. Next in line is a mixture of DXN Sirulina powder, numerous herbs, medicinal mushrooms, vegetables and spices. They are all selected carefully for for DXN MycoVeggie a.k.a. the Bowel Cleanser.

Colon cleansing smootly with DXN MycoVeggie herbal mixture

Colon cleansing does not need to feel unpleasant. I drink DXN MycoVeggie before meals to clean my tracts so that food can travel smoothly.

Cleaning out intestines is only one function of this product. It is also very nutritious partly due to its Spirulina content. I heed our ayurveda ganotherapeut’s advice and consume MycoVeggie about 30 minutes before meals. It helps nutrients to get to my stomach without any obstacles.


This is how I prepare a dose of MycoVeggie:


No matter how good DXN products are, weight loss diets only work with daily exercise

I have to be honest with you: the main reason I started taking MycoVeggie is because I want to lose about 10 kilograms. Taking this product only will not work, though. Daily sports or movement is essential. 15 minutes of intensive walking every day can help a lot too. I train 15 minutes every morning (pull-ups, push-ups, leg raises etc.), ride my bike with my dogs 3 times daily and reduce the quantity of food I eat at once. The reason I do not do more sports is because I can not ride BMX Flatland nowadays for more than 3 months now due to the cold and snow here in Miskolc, Hungary. I only do a basic training to keep in good shape beacuse I want to spend the most possible amount of time building my DXN MLM business. I do this beside being an English teacher at Béla IV. Primary School (basis school of Complex Instructions Method in Hejőkeresztúr, Hungary) and beside my daily 3 dog walks. Reducing sports took its toll on my weight, but this is only a temporary state. The more effort and freetime I put into my business now, the bigger freedom I am going to enjoy sooner.


My DXN MycoVeggie experience

I am also very interesnted in what DXN products are capable of, so this is the perfect opportunity to test them on myself. A very pleasant task, trust me! 😉

I realized, that I have never done detoxification and gut cleansing in my whole life. Every now and then bad news can be heard about sportsmen, people who all of a sudden get cancer of heart attack. As humans stay alive with eating, the health of the intestines is of utmost importance. Although I ma fit and healthy, I do not want any unpleasant surprises. Started prevention of bowel infection with MycoVeggie, because prevention is easier than cure.

I feel that my stomach is not so full and heavy even when I fall into the sin of eating more than necessary due to being very hungry. My early great experience with MycoVeggie was that I did not get fatter in the winter holiday. At Christmas time Hungarian people tend to eat more cakes than during the rest of the year. I also received sweets and cookies from my family, ate them but did not put on weight, I did not get fatter. I owe this to DXN products. I also drink Cordypine after every meal for better digestion.

I had a lot of content on my previous website. I divide the product and business related writings to the blog section of this DXN Products website and to the blog section of my DXN Business website. The above blog is also one of those I moved here after some reediting. The original post from 2017-01-26 had the title ”Natural bowel cleansing with DXN MycoVeggie herb mixture”.