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Megadose therapy of DXN medicinal mushrooms: Ganoderma, Poria and Cordyceps

What is Megadose?

Megadose means a huge dosis of something, in my case DXN medicinal mushrooms. I did not start taking DXN products in a Megadose at first, of course.

Great city view followed by great product-megadosing.

View of my hometown Miskolc, Hungary from Avasi Lookout Tower. I also made a YouTube vdieo here about Megadose of Ganoderma.

When is the right time to take Megadose of medicinal mushrooms?

As all medicinal mushrooms have detoxifying effect to some degree, it is advised to take megadose them when the body is healthy. A healthy body will not experience the possible unpleasant sysmptoms of detoxification.

In case of Ganoderma, it is best to take DXN RG or DXN Reishi Mushroom Powder when the body is in a good state of healh. DXN GL should be consumed when someone feels unwell, as GL (Ganocelium) has only a mild detoxing property and it is more of an immune system-rebalancer.

First I have taken regular dose of DXN products

I have been taking DXN Ganoderma capsules and powder, Spirulina tablets and powder, Cordyceps capsules and Lion’s Mane tablets for a long while. To these DXN products I recently added DXN Poria S Powder and DXN Cordyceps Powder.

I decided to make a video for YouTube about each day of me Megadosing Poria, Cordyceps and Ganoderma. I mixed some crazy humour of mine into most of them, because otherwise these videos would have been even more boring than they are now.

First day video of my DXN Poria S Powder Megadose Therapy:

The amazing effect of medicinal mushrooms

Ever since I got to know Ganoderma, I have been amazed by and interested in the effect of medicinal mushrooms to the human body. I decided to experiment on myself with Megadosage of DXN Poria S Powder, DXN Cordyceps Powder DXN Reishi Mushroom Powder.

DXN Cordyceps Powder Megadose Therapy, day one:

Megadose, my way

I decided to take 10 bottles of each product for 10 days. Not all three at the same time, but first Poria, then Cordyceps and after these Lingzhi. I did the Megadose therapy without and pause, so when I have taken the last, the tenth bottle of Poria, I started with Cordyceps the day after. The same with Reishi: after the 10th bottle of Cordyceps Powder I took Reishi powder the next day.

Day 1 of my DXN Reishi Mushroom Powder Megadose Therapy:

My DXN medicinal mushroom Megadose experiences

Please do not expect that I will write about getting superhuman abilities from taking DXN products in a Megadose. Taking medicinal mushrooms regularly on a daily basis is more important.

Some of my experiences include that I did not catch the very harsh flu epidemic that was ravaging my country at that time. I also felt very pleasant, my energy level and mood was much better.

Here you can watch me talk about my DXN Poria Megadose experience:


Vlogging on YouTube

It has been a while since my last blog post, but I have not disappeared. I am much more engaged in making YouTube videos, not just about DXN products, including healhy coffee, but all sorts of topics related to my life, like riding bike with my apartment dogs and skateboarding over the age of 40.

Daily three bikerides with my apartment dogs form the frame of my life: